TKM: Thinglink Research Project

DUE: 4/7 (A) 4/8 (B)


Your project must include:

  • Cover Title Page
  • Summary of Main Events for selected topic (6-9 sentence summary): Who, What, When, and Where?
  • Cause/Effect (6-9 AEC Paragraph): Why/How?
  • Poem OR Advertisement
  • Song OR Video
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Audience Hand-Out

Set-Up a Google Doc

  • Click the button below titled "Google Doc" to get your document started.
  • This will be the Google Doc that keeps all of the links, videos, poems, audio clips, etc., so that they will all be in the same place.
  • Make sure to share them with your teacher, as well as your partner (group)

Authenticate the filter to access your photos:

Start With an Image [Used for Cover Page]:

  1. Perform a Google image search on your topic.
  2. Click "Search Tools" at the top.
  3. Click "Usage Rights" at the top and choose "Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification."
  4. Select an image that has many conversation points.
  5. Right click and save the image on your H drive.
  6. Click "Visit Page" and use that info to create your citation on Easy Bib (You will include the URL too).
  7. On Easy Bib, click "All 59 Options" and "Digital Image". Fill in the blanks and create the citation. Copy the citation to a Google doc Bibliography page you create.

Sample Thinglinks:

Now, you will conduct your research.


These will allow for a broad amount of research.
Google Scholar

Just like Google, but full of academic links.

Worldbook Online

Great for general overviews.


Be sure to click "full text" under the search box.


Great for historical info.

Print Materials:

Find these on the cart or search the catalog here.


Finally...Set-Up your Thinglink


  1. Watch the instructional video on setting up and using ThingLink.
  2. Open a free Thinglink account here.
  3. Click "Create+" at the top.
  4. Copy and paste the URL of your image into Thinglink or Upload.
  5. Title your project with topic/names/teacher/class period. (ex: Jim Crow Laws/John Smith and Nancy Jones/Grandell/2A)
  6. Link your research items to the photo at the appropriate spots by clicking on the image (put some thought into this.)
  7. Click "Edit Image" and then "Sharing Settings" at the bottom.
  8. Set the image visibility as "unlisted" and then click "close" and "Save".
  9. Click "Share" and copy the link. This is what you will turn in to your teacher in the Google classroom.

Citation Generators: