Born Worker

Being responsible can save a life.

Jose the hard worker

Jose is about fifteen. He helps out with the family farm. He has good grades and has lots of friends. He is responsible and trustworthy.
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The payment

Jose and his Arnie are cousins. One day Arnie comes by the farm to talk to Jose. Arnie has a plan for Jose. Jose and Arnie start a buisness. Jose does hard work and Arnie does the managing. Sometimes Arnie would help out. When they go to Mr. Clemens house to clean the pool Mr.Clemens drops his hearing aid in the pool and almost takes his life.

The Troublesome Day

Arnies Selfishness

Poor Mr. Clemens

" Go call 911". said Jose " Theyre going to think, we did this to him." reponded Arnie.Mr. Clemens got seriously hurt. Arnie was such a scardy cat , that ran from the house. Jose called 911. The police and firefighters came and took care of Mr. Clemens. A couple moments later, Arnie came back and took all the credit for helping Mr.Clemens.

The Real lIfe Story

I think "Born worker" is an good example of hoe being responsible can help a lot.It can even save a life. Iwould suggest we also refer to tjis story next time , you are going to be responsible. I honestly rate it five stars.