Arkansas Between the Wars

By: Nat Smith

Post War Arkansas

Oil Booms in Arkansas

Flood of 1927

Great Depression

Some say it started by the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Others presume American goods were being produced too quickly and people were unable to buy them. Many blame speculators, who bought stocks with borrowed money. Whatever the cause, the economy came to a halt in 1929 when the stock market crashed. Man people tried to withdraw their money from banks, companies closed, and thousands without jobs. Things soon became worse, when a drought hit Arkansas and most of the central United States. Ferocious winds dried up crops and turned fields into a dust bowls. People began to leave their farms and look for food and work. Some went west to find work. Others were to poor and had to survive on one meal a day, given by the Red Cross. To make it even worse, Arkansas was in deep debt!

A New President; A New Deal

Before Franklin D Roosevelt was elected president, he guaranteed the federal government would help those in need. Once the became president Roosevelt introduced a plan called the "New Deal." The objective of the plan was to create specific agencies and government programs to help feed those without food, provide work for the jobless, and build a healthy economy. These programs soon brought hope, jobs, and relief to people across the world. Some of the programs were...