By Terence Marsh

Rotation in Earth days

It takes 176 earth days for Mercury to rotate once
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Revolution in Earth days

It takes 88 days for Mercury to revolve around the sun.
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The location in related to the sun

Mercury is the 2nd planet away from the sun.

The temperature of the planet

The Temperature of Mercury can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
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What is the planet made of

Mercury's Surface is made of Chondrite meteorite
Planet Song/Dwarf Planets Song
Learning About The Planets in Our Solar System

Five Interesting Facts about planet

1. Mercury has no Atmospehere
2. Mercury is smallest planet in the solar system
3. Mercury's surface is similar to the moon's surface
4. Mercury is one of four terrestrial plants in the Solar System
5. Mercury has craters on it

The planet's moons

Mercury has no known moons

The planets distance away from the Sun.

Mercury's is 5.7 million kilometers away from the sun.