Health Community Service Project

Due March 14th or May 9th

Project Explanation

For Health Class you will need to complete 2 hours of Community Service. The 2 hours must be completed during this semester (Jan. 6th-May 8th). There are two presentation dates for those who choose to complete the project earlier on in the semester opposed to waiting until the later date.

The project is worth 75 points:

Pre-Project Approval & Information Collected (5)

Participation in the Project w/signature of Verification (35)

Visual Aid & Class Presentation (10)

Reflection Write Up (25)


Here are 5 ideas for community service options for young and older teens:

1. Animals: Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers even for simple tasks such as cleaning cages, answering phones, or making holiday decorations for the shelter waiting room. Contact a local shelter and speak with a volunteer coordinator to see what help is needed.

2. Seniors: Every community has senior citizens who would relish the time and help that a teen could lend. Most towns and cities have a senior center or a private nursing home where volunteers are needed. The recreation director who helps plans activities for the seniors is a good person to contact. Even a small amount of time with a senior can make a difference.

3. Helping other kids: For students, a great way to give back to others is to volunteer at a Special Olympics event. There are hundreds of Special Olympics offices around the world, and all of them need volunteers at various times during the year.

4. Troop support: Volunteering to help support active duty U.S. servicemen and women is a great initiative for teens. Begin by contacting an organization that ships packages to troops, such as Operation Gratitude or Operation Troop Support. These and other organizations collect donated items, which they package and send to individually named service members deployed in hostile regions. The donated items can include snacks, entertainment items, and personal letters of appreciation, as well as small items like socks, decks of cards, candy, and even toothbrushes. Teens can organize a donation drive and collect some of the most needed items.

5. The environment: Many teens care deeply about the threats facing our environment and may have an interest in helping their community “go green.”

6. Check the Counseling Office A+ bulletin boards in both the NHS and SHS for local opportunities