Monday Morning Message


HAPPY 2016!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had some time to relax! Winter Camp ran very well and smoothly thanks to Alex, Justin, Sophia, and Susan!

This month our focus is on re-enrollment. Just as last year, the month will be filled with events and tasks related to having your families re-enroll for the 2016-2017 school year.

The last week of the month will be spent having fun during Spirit Week. Each day we have a different theme dress day which will lead to the winner of the Cheetah Pride trophy. Of course on the 29th we will have our Cheer/Song/Dance off to determine the winner of the Spirit Stick. On this day, each class will get up and perform a cheer or song impress the judges with their: spirit, creativity.....

I will be attending a NLCI K-12 meeting in Seattle on the 12th-14th. I will be at work for part of the 11th and then fly off. I plan on returning to school on the 15th by 10 am.

We will have company on January 26th! Principal Joe Rodia from our Westchester, PA CBA will be touring our school along with two of his teachers. Joe is a veteran principal and has close ties with our Home Office. He will be in your classrooms, looking and speaking to you and your students so please be prepared.

2016-2017 Re-Enrollment Care Calls and Coding Sheets

All Classroom teachers received 2 roll call sheets in their mailboxes. This is your coding sheet for the 16-17 SY. You will use the following coding system: Green-re-enrolling on the 23rd of January; Yellow-re-enrolling by February 15th; Red-Not Re-Enrolling. For any RED we need a specific reason.

During your Care Calls you need to focus on all the reasons why their child will benefit from staying with us another year. You know your students and your parents-sell what is most important to them.

Specials Teachers-this is an important time for you as well. While you won't be making phone calls, it is important that when you see a parent that you take an opportunity to ask them about re-enrollment.

Anna and I will meet with each classroom teacher at the end of the week-8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th to review your coding sheets and coming up with strategies to have your families re-enroll.

I have to complete a weekly master coding sheet for Tina, which will be shared with Wendy and of course our CAO-Linda Grobman. I will have calls each week with them, going over re-enrollment class by class so that we and they have a very good idea what our re-enrollment will look like and to determine any problem grade levels.

Parent Breakfasts

On Monday, January 4th you will invite your families to attend a Breakfast designed to give them detailed information regarding the next grade level. We have grouped these so you may attend these breakfasts along with your families. This way you can assist the next grade level teacher in selling the program. Anna and I highly recommend that you meet with the next grade level teacher to discuss your families, hot topics, etc so both the current and next grade level teacher have a solid idea of what will be presented and discussed at the breakfast. Unfortunately, my meeting to Seattle was booked after we had placed this on the calendar so I will not be here. Please let your parents know that I will be available the 15th if they have any questions.

Moving Up Day

On the 19th, grades 1-5 will participate in Moving Up Day. This will run from 10:15-11:15. If you have a special during this time you will not have it.

You will need to prepare a fun hands-on lesson for the grade level below as they will be visiting with you. You will need to create a smore of the Moving Up Day experience in your classroom which will be sent to the families of the grade you are hosting. the smore should have pictures and the lesson as rigorous as possible considering the age.

I still have to work out how this will work for 5th grade moving to 6th and K to 1st. I will speak with these teachers on the 4th

Open House

Our first Open House will be Thursday, the 21st from 10-3. Our students are in Formal Uniform this day. More than likely we will have rising kindergarten families attend and we may have our internal families attend so they can observe in the next grade level. Here again you should plan as many hands-on activities as possible. We want parents to see our students engaged. Please limit number of work book pages or ditto sheet assignments.

Our second open House will be Saturday, the 23rd. This will run from 10-1 with a formal Kindergarten and First Grade presentation at 10 am. The staff will be divided into groups to cover the many different responsibilities we will have this day. The focus of this Open House is to register our internal families and feeder families.


This will be a great way for us to end a very busy and hopefully productive month! Lets all plan on this being a celebratory week for us with a high re-enrollment and feeder enrollment for 2016-2017!

Please plan ahead for this week. Whatever cheer/song/dance routine you select should be well rehearsed/practiced prior to your students competing on the 29th.

Your classroom door has to be decorated by 2:00 pm on the 25th.

The themed dress days include the staff! It does not make a pretty picture to our families if they see the staff not participating in the dress days as it looks apathetic, and takes away from our feeling of community. In addition, staff count towards the class's participation in the themed days with the ultimate goal being winning the Cheetah Pride Award.

Accreditation Update

Anna and I have written the narratives for Standards 1-3. We took your bullet points, tweaked them-sent them to Mully who edited them and then we wrote the narratives. We have Standard 4 and 5 to complete and then we will move on to the Executive Summary. We will be sending you the narratives this month so you can review and understand what has been written and how it correlates to the rating we have given ourselves.

Updates and Reminders

1. Kindergarten Homework Night on the 6th at 5:30 pm.

2. Care Calls-Focus on Re-enrollment-6th, 7th, and 8th

3. Parent Breakfasts-12th, 13th, 14th

4. Moving Up Day-19th

5. Open House-21st and 23rd

6. PLPs DUE ON 22nd

7. Formal Kindergarten Preview on the 23rd at 10 am

8. Spirit Week-Jan25-29

9. Reading Under the Stars-28th at 6:30 pm

10. 2nd Quarter Report Cards due 29th

Chesterbrook Elementary and Middle School

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