Roy Fox Lichtenstein

73 years old

Background Information

Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born 1923 in New York City. He was born into an upper-middle-class Jewish family. He attended the public school until he was twelve years old, then he went to the New York Frankling school for boys, remaining there for his secondary education. His last year in high school he enrolled in summer classes at the Art League of New York.

1949, he married Isabel Wison, but they already divorced in 1965. Three years later he mariachis second wife Dorothy Herzka. He lived in Manhatten and had a house at the beach near Southampton, NY.

Art Movement

Lichtenstein was a very popular artist in the Pop Art movement. Even if he wasn't the founder of that movement, I think he influenced with period a lot. He was one of the first artists who started using comics and cartoons in his paintings.

Big image

I know how you must feel, Brad!

I like this picture because Lichtenstein showed really good the emotions of this woman and how she is feeling. And I like it that it is black. and white, it has a very cool "filter". I think the style Lichtenstein used, to put comics in his drawings or like sayings is a very good idea. And I think this picture is very impressive since it consists of a lot of tiny dots which you can see when you get closer. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures from Lichtenstein.