Marching Into Spring!

Miss F's Classes are "Springing" ahead to April

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3rd Grade Math

Since I took over the class three weeks ago, we have been working on our multiplication facts. We have practiced online, with flash cards, with drawings, and with objects. This week we wrapped up our chapter about learning our multiplication facts and will be moving on to Chapter 5, how to use our multiplication facts. We are excited to use all of our new knowledge of multiplication in different ways! Remember, you can never study your facts too much! I have included a link at the bottom of the page for Xtramath-a free, online math facts practice site.

1st and 2nd Grade Math

1st Grade Math

We have been working on a lot of new things in first grade this month! We are learning different ways to subtract, different ways to measure objects, and even how to tell time. We have been practicing our facts daily using the computer, the iPad, and even objects around the room! It has been a great three weeks so far! Look for the link at the bottom of the page for online facts practice site.

2nd Grade Math

In 2nd grade math we have been working super hard! We just started practicing adding with 2-digit numbers. This is such an important skill, so we have been practicing with objects around the classroom, using math counters, and we even practiced on the iPad and computer! Right now we are learning about different ways to break apart our numbers to help us add and is it going great! We look forward to adding more and more skills to our list!

Check out the link to online facts practice site, at the bottom of the page.

3rd Grade Reading and Language Arts

3rd Grade Reading

In reading over the past two weeks we have read about Native American Legends and Working Animals. Reading about Native American Legends was so much fun, we even created our own legends and wrote in Native American symbols. We read a legend that we compared to Cinderella, and another one about a brave girl and her struggles during a drought.

The stories we read about working animals taught us how important animals can be to people with special needs and special jobs. We learned about a police dog named Aero who protected his partner, Mike. We also read about a helper monkey that was taught how to do amazing things for his owner who was in a wheelchair.

This week we started a unit on Character Study. We started with a funny story about Ramona Quimby, a sneaky third grader who is always getting into trouble. We are looking forward to learning more about her and predicting what she is going to do next!

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3rd Grade Writing

In writing we are working on autobiographies. We just started writing about a happy event in our lives. Each week for the next two weeks we are going to write stories about events in our lives, illustrate them, and bind them into beautiful books. So far, we have worked together to make our writing better and have given each other great ideas to improve our writing! Working together to make our work better makes a great class even greater!
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Quick Links for Math and Language Arts

We are using in the classroom to improve our fact fluency. I am sending a flyer home with your child's login and password so they can practice at home as well! Use the link below to get to the site.

Link to Spelling City

Spelling City is an online practice site. We are using it in class and your child can login at home for even more practice! I will be sending home your child's login information so you can help them login! Use the link below to get to the site!