William the Conqueror

Mid Evil Europe

William the Conquerer

• He was a descendant of the Viking ruler who conquered Normandy

• He was a cousin of King Edward of England

• When King Edward died, a man named Harold took his throne. William belived that he should be the one who took the throne not Harold

• In 1066 William and his army landed in England and killed Harold and all his men in the Battle of Hastings

• He was crowned the king of England

• At first the Anglo-Saxons didn't want home to rule so he had to stop them so he could control his own soldiers. He did so by giving land to his Norman Knights. Then he made them swear loyalty to him as the new ruler

• He wanted to know all about his new kingdoms, so he took the first census in Europe since Roman times. This counts people, farm animals, and manors

• Under his rule, officials and nobles spoke French, but ordinary Anglo-Saxons still spoke their own language

• Depended on loyal officials to keep things in order

By: Olivia Fain