Virtual and Augmented Reality

Take a Trip Without Leaving The Room

360 Cities

360 panoramic view of locations around the world. Compatible with VR.

Expeditions: Tour Creator

Create tours to be used with the Expedition app.

Merge Cube: The Basics

Watch this video and see how easy it is to use the Merge Cube to help enhance your curriculum. The Merge Cube is described by it’s developer as “The hologram you hold in your hand.”

Merge Cube: Apps

Some of the apps are free and some are pay-for.

Merge Cube: Activity Plans

Explore activity plans written by educators around the world to help you get started with MERGE in your school. Be inspired to create your own and share them with us so that others can benefit from them, too.

Merge Cube: Math with Merge Cube

Walk through the classroom with Gabe Haydu. Learn how Haydu incorporates VR and AR products into his classes to bring 2D content to life, and to help students further understand content by letting them create their very own 3D models!

Merge Cube: Unlock new ways to explore non-verbal com.

AR Unlocks new ways to explore non-verbal communication

VR/AR Test

The VR/AR Test Ninja checks your device compatibility and readiness for mobile virtual & augmented reality.