K-2 Wing Newsletter

May 9-13, 2016


This week, the leadership team will begin holding summative conferences with teachers. Please go into TKES and be sure you have completed and signed off on the following:


*Self Assessment

*Pre-evaluation conference

*Formative Observations #1 & #2

*Mid year conference

*Roster verification for November and April

All areas must be signed off no later than Tuesday, COB. If you have questions, please ask. You will be receiving an email with the date and time of your conference.

NWEA Testing

Thank you for your help with NWEA testing last week. We were able to complete testing for the majority of students in K-2. I have a few that need to complete. I will pull them to complete testing this week. Thanks in advance for your flexibility in letting me pull them.

In the meantime, please check your scores through the curriculum website under analysis. I will be completed the color coded sheets for you as well. As soon as they are completed you will receive a copy.

Dates to Remember

Please refer to Ms. Bullen's weekly bulletin for weekly events. Mark the following dates on your calendar as well.

****Begin working on completing tasks for the end of year checklist.*******

May 11: K-2 Field Day

May 18: 8:45: Kindergarten Awards Ceremony

1:00: 1st and 2nd grade awards ceremony

May 20: Finalize grade books (12-15 grades minimum per content area)

* Kindergarten: Update all standards (ELA, Math content areas as well as Approaches to Learning and Personal/Social Development).

* 1st Grade End of Year Celebration

May 23: Pink and Blue cards due: I will be sending an email to you regarding what to do with the cards as soon as I receive clarification from Ms. Bullen. In the meantime, begin completing the cards for the students in your homeroom.

May 24: Kindergarten and 2nd grade end of year celebrations

May 25: Last day of school for students


This newsletter serves in lieu of a Monday team meeting during your instructional planning time. Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided in this week's newsletter by COB Wednesday.