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Bali Anmal- tiger

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Tigers are renowned the world around for their undeniable

beauty grace and from.They are characteristically

known,even amongst very young children,for their boldly

striped golden coats and their lithesome,strong bodies.


Most tigers live in Asia , specifically throughout ,Southeast

Asia,China,Korea,and Russia.Tigers like to live in

swamps,grassland,and rainforest. Usually where Tigers live

there are tree, bushes,and clumps of tall grass.

food diet

Tiger is an carnivorous . They commonly prey on wild

boars, deer, antelopes and moose.They also eat like

birds,deer,small animals etc.


Tigers enemies are elephant,lion,rino,hippo,snakes,deer,beer


fun fact

The tiger is the biggest species of cat family.Tiger can

reach up to 3.3 m(11 feet) and weigh as 300 killograms

(660 pounds).Subspecies of the tiger Sumatran Tiger,

Siberian Tiger Bengal tiger,South China Tiger,Malayan Tiger Indochinese

Tiger.tigeres an jump easily over 5 meters in the length.

Life span

20 – 26 y (In captivity)