The Dark Side of GMOs

Know before buying GMO

Quality is better than quantity

Even though GMOs do have a higher yield than organic crops, they do not end up the same. Some times the GMO ends up deformed and almost alien. This mostly happens since there is not enough testing done to find the potential problems those GMOs have.

No ill will right?

Many corporations that support or get their produce from farms that produce GMOs love them, since they get a high profit. Since these farms produce so much yield despite the amount of effort put into them, those companies get a huge profit from that. If the crop produced from the GMO farms, they don't care about how that would affect the people it will go to.


Have you ever heard of banapples? That is a mix between an apple and banana, done with genetic modifying. It is a GMO, and many people speculate whether or not GMOs like a banapple truly is the natural course sped up. Not only that, but there are also GMOs that have more protein than others, since they have some genes from certain animals. Not many people would call that natural, but also let that pass with their beliefs.

And what does Mother Nature say about this?

Most GMOs hurt the Earth with all the pesticides and chemicals used to protect them. Some people got pollen from a GM corn and had monarch butterfly larvae eat milkweed leaves that were treated with the pollen from the corn. Only 56% of the larvae survived, but all survived when fed regular pollen.

Small farmers get hit, bad

Because of the enormous profit that the GMO farms will be producing for processors, small farmers haven't been able to sell to them. Also, there are small farmers everywhere, and there are areas that buy from those farmers, but they wont need to if they have GMOs that are suited for the environment they couldn't grow in before. This eliminates the importance of small farmers since their products usually cost more, for being organic.
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