Temple Run, Clash of Clans

Popular games such as Temple Run, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds Transformers

In today’s world, from relationships to gaming, everything has gone virtual. Kids, adults and elders, everyone is so much into this type of gaming these days! There are popular games such as Temple Run, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds Transformers, etc. While you are too much engrossed in the game and you are stuck up in middle, and all you need is to get on to the next level, you feel like cheating. And yes, if there is a game, then there is a way for cheating too and thus, here are certain tips and the Temple Run Help:

· You must remember that the emerald crystals must not be hit.

· You are provided with 1000m booster and 2.500 as two kinds of head beginnings, which in turn means that it is a call for coins. You must thus keep running and get an uninterrupted run of coins and you can see your coin meter being filled up.

· Moreover, when you are done with the filling of coin meter, double tap the screen anywhere in order to get the power up in force.

· You must keep checking the shop repeatedly in order to upgrade your skills and acquire power ups.

· Try to avoid getting caught by the enemies on the yellow brick road by moving below, but not too early.

Thus, with certain tricks and wit, you are able to cheat while playing temple run. Go on, boost your run, and enjoy!

The Clash of Clans is a game moving speedily up on the chart of the most popular games. There are up to 50 million downloads until now it has been rated 4.6 out of 5. There are reviews, which are recorded and cases of people getting addicted to till have been recorded. There are reviews like:

· Great game, but needs more builders when battle is done and the soldiers have survived.

· There are requests for adding more town halls like town hall 11.

· The game takes lot of time for the up gradation.

· Complaints have been recorded of the gems getting stolen.

Thus, we can take a glance at the Clash of Clans Review. Both positive and negative reviews are recorded, but still this game has proven to be a great success.

In case of the help needed while playing this game, the following strategy must be followed:

· You must not waste your money and keep them secured, as you will need them later.

· Later, you need a Mortar, which you must place in the center of the town in order to remove the soldiers at a time.

· Remember to hold the Mortar or Wizard Tower in the middle of the town.

· You must defend your own town hall and ensure that it is hard to reach the Mortar.

By following this Clash of Clans Strategy, you’ll surely be able to enhance your play.

Moving on the Angry Birds Transformers Review, the game has 1 million downloads until now and has been rated 4.5 out of 5. The newly added features are:

· Rovio has developed a new shooting style of running and shooting at a time.

· The Angry Birds aim at eliminating the pigs at first.

· There are certain functional ambiguities in the initial stage of installation.

· Cases of crashes while connecting to Facebook have been recorded.

Well, despite all this positive and negative feedback, people have found them hooked up and stop not till the goal is reached!

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