Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

October 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

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In Attendance

President Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jess Buttimer, Ted Estes, Julie Hill, Chris Martelli, Tayyaba Syed


Introduction of Student Board Members | watch

Two new student board members Angela Jaeger and Amana Mariam were sworn in by President Bruno. Both students are 8th graders at Hadley Junior High School.

Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center (GECRC) | watch

Executive Director Leah Harding and Director of Programs and Volunteers Jackie Reeves shared information about GECRC. Board members thanked them and shared their appreciation.

Superintendent’s Report | watch

  • Dr. Kaczkowski celebrated Principal Appreciation Month and thanked all District 41 principals.

  • She also provided a Strategic Plan Update and requested a special Board meeting on November 8 to share strategic plan work related to vision and mission.

  • She also shared that District 41 administrators have been participating in professional development through Learning 2025. Topics discussed during the Learning 2025 sessions include relational aspects of teaching, sense of belonging makes learning possible, skills needed for students to be future ready, brain development and how trauma in life impacts learning, and more.

Board Reports | watch

Public Participation | watch


Levy 101 Presentation | watch

Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Facilities and Operations Eric DePorter presented information about the Levy timeline, statutory guidelines, calculation and payment, as well as tax capes and the consumer price index. In addition, he explained abatement vs. under levy.

Test to Stay Program | watch

District 41 Nurse Supervisor Katie Adduci provided information about the test to stay protocol and shared that it is not recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health or DuPage County Health Department; However, they are allowing districts to consider this as an option. Board members asked questions and discussed how this could impact student and staff quarantines.

Approve Substitute Pay Increase | watch

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Marci Conlin shared information about the history of substitute pay as well as the limited number of substitutes available. She presented a new pay structure for substitutes in District 41 in the hopes of being more competitive and supporting substitute retention. Board members asked questions and discussed the proposed changes.

Illinois Association of School Boards Resolution Report | watch

Board member Julie Hill, IASB delegate, presented the report and recommendations.

Board members discussed the report and asked questions about specific recommendations.

Action Items | watch | documents


Personnel Report

Monthly Financial Reports

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report

Investment Schedule

School District Payment Order - September 15, 2021 - October 13, 2021

Summary of Bills and Payroll

Treasurer's Report

Board Meeting Minutes

- September 20, 2021, Regular Meeting Minutes

- September 20, 2021, Closed Session Meeting Minutes

- October 13, 2021, Special Meeting Minutes

- October 13, 2021, Special Meeting Minutes- Closed

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli, Syed)

Approve Fund Transfers

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli, Syed)

Adopt Board Policy Revision

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli, Syed)

Adopt Test To Stay Program

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli)

(Voted No: Syed)

Approve Substitute Pay Increase

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli, Syed)

Approve Memorandum of Understanding with GEEA and AFSCME

(Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Martelli, Syed)

Other/Board Governance - Learning Together | watch

  • Dr. Kaczkowski shared that Hadley Junior High has ranked 128 out of 1332 middle schools in the State of Illinois. This information was shared todayj. The district will be reviewing the rankings more closely to further understand the data.

  • President Bruno provided an overview of the Board Governance Self-Evaluation Workshop meeting that they participated in last week. He invited Board members to provide other reflections.

Topics for Future Agenda Items | watch

Ms. Hill would like the district to provide more information about learning during the pandemic including Multi-tier System of Support (MTSS).


Monday, November 1, 2021 | Committee of the Whole Meeting at Hadley, 6:30 p.m.

Monday, November 15, 2021 | Regular Board Meeting at Hadley, 6:30 p.m.

Monday, December 13, 2021 | Public Hearing and Regular Board Meeting at Hadley, 6:30 p.m.