Course Selection Information 3-1-21

Transitioning into Panther Land

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Dear Parents and Students

I cannot believe that it is time for our Thundercats to transition to high school. It feels like yesterday that I was welcoming our "rising" 6th graders to our RTMS family. There are many activities scheduled for the spring semester, so don't forget to calendar those dates. Please preview the below information.


Dr. Brice

RPHS Virtual Course Selection Fair

Tuesday, March 2nd, 6-7:30pm

This is an online event.

Please access the interactive flyer by clicking on this link:

  • The document above includes a link to join tomorrow's welcome session; it also includes several links that give students a virtual experience to their core and elective choices.

RPHS Course Selection Information

Course Selection Window- 2/23/21 - 3/10/21

  • Due to the pandemic, this process is 100% electronic.
  • Please don't miss the window because I cannot assist with high school course selection once the window closes.

How-To Get Started: (complete the tasks in the order listed below)

  1. View 4-year Course Selection worksheet:
  2. Download the course guide- 2020 21 HS Course Selection Guide-02-06-2020-WEB.pdf (
  3. Watch the WeVideo on how-to complete RPHS JotForm (electronic course sheet):
  4. Complete the electronic course sheet (JotForm) before developing a 4-year career plan.
  5. Click on the link to fill out the RPHS JotForm (electronic course sheet)-
  6. Watch the video on how-to enter endorsements/career plans/and alternate elective courses:

Middle School Support

Hello Parents and Students,

The spring semester is a busy time of the year for everyone-especially since we are operating from virtual platforms. My goal is always to assist our students as they transition to high school or while learning F2F or OL. To better support my transitioning 8th graders, please do the following:

  1. Download/print all documents
  2. Watch all WeVideos
  3. Complete JotForm (RPHS electronic course sheet)
  4. Declare your endorsement and complete the career plan

Additional Information

1. It is essential that each student watches all videos and meet the adjusted deadlines.

2. If you (student) are unsure about a particular career interest, please complete the following interest inventory:

3. It is crucial to peruse the course guide and listen to the Intro Video (at the top) to help you choose your endorsement and pathway.

4. Creating a 4-year career plan helps you with future career possibilities.