Home Design of the Future

Angela Ocampo

A Green Environment

In the home of my future, I would be living in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is located in a desert biome, therefore, there is a limit to what kinds of plants I can include in my design. However, native plants are able to grow in the hot climate.

I would include:

  • Lowly coyote bush- can survive through winters and summers, can grow in compacted clay and gravel, can survive and grow in the shade during extreme hot tempuratures.

  • Wishbone bush- can grow in a variety of types of terrain, has a pop of color, perfect for lightening up your garden.

  • Blue-eyed grass- has blue, iris like leaves, can tolerate any weather, especially drought, can grow anywhere with full sunlight, best in sand to clay.

Garden of My Own

Due to the warm climate conditions in California, a variety of vegetables and fruit have the ability to grow there. in the future, I will take advantage of the beautiful weather and grow my own garden, also, California is a larger producer of fruits and vegetables. I do not plan on using and chemicals to protect my garden because it would chemically alter the fruits and vegetables and it defeats the purpose if growing your own garden to treat it without chemicals. I would most definitely avoid nicotine sulfate because it is very harmful to plants as well as human skin. However, it is permitted to use in organically grown crops.

In my garden I will grow:

  • cucumbers- grow best in the warmest days

  • peppers- don’t take a large amount of time to grow mature

  • tomatoes

  • avocadoes- can be harvested all year round

  • clementine- harvested well during the winter

  • garlic- harvested during summer and fall

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A Source of Transportation

My source of transportation would be the Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF is an electric car, meaning it does not run on gas but on an advanced rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Nissan LEAF get the equivalent of 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The 24kWh lithium-ion battery stores its energy to power the 80kW AC motor in 48 lithium-ion battery cells and provides enough power to the motor to generate 187 lb-ft of torque off the line, and 107 horsepower. On average, most people drive less than 53 kilometers per day. With the Nissan LEAF, you can go 3 times that distance on a single charge. Other than a car, I would also have a bike to travel short distances, go to the beach, pick up small items from the store etc.

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Waste Management

Instead of using regular waste bins in my future home, I plan on disposing waste properly with recycling and composting to help better separate waste and preserve the life of the earth.

Adopt A Pet

In the future, I will adopt a Northern Spotted Owl. I chose to adopt the Northern Spotted Owl because it has been listed as threatened and can only be found in California, Oregon and Washington. therefore, because my home will be in California, I will decide to save an animal close to home. The Northern Spotted Owl is a medium-sized, dark brown owl with a barred tail, white spots on the head and breast, and dark brown eyes.
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Hazards In Everyday Products

my future home will contain three toxic chemicals to animals and humans, however, these chemicals will be in products I use daily.
  • In hair and body products such as hair spray, shampoos, perfumes and deoderants , phthalates, also called plasticizers will be contained in it. Phthalates bind the colour and scent in cosmetic products and are also used to increase the flexebility and durability of plastic. This chemical can lead to reproductive and developmental problems in animals.

  • Air fresheners and cleaning solutions when used excessively can release toxic levels of pollutants. Chemicals used in this type of product are ethylene-based glycol ethers and terpenes.

  • Non-stick cookware like Teflon contain perchloroethylene which scientist believe cause birth defects and cancer and can affect growth and development, reproduction, and function of the liver.

Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals

the chemical contained in hair and body products- Phthalates come from Phthalic Acid. Phthalic Acid is made up of 8 atoms of Carbon, 6 Hydrogen atoms and 2 Oxygen atoms.

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Where Oh Where?

Oxygen is located in the second period (8), hydrogen is found in the first of the Alkali Metals and Carbon is also found in the second period (6).
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The "It" Group

Carbon and Oxygen are both non-metals and Hydrogen is itself.

Power House

in my future home, I will use a Solar Electrical Energy Source. Solar energy feeds off of the suns energy. Light rays are captured by photovoltaics and semiconductors. Solar energy is a very sustainable electrical energy source because the sun is the main source to powering our homes. During the day, solar panels will feed off of the energy from the sun. during the night, the panels would be fully charged and ready to provide you with power.
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Physical Structures For Energy Efficiency

There are many ways to create a model of energy efficiency. First, extra insulation can be added to exterior walls, ceilings and attics, basements, around heating and cooling ducts and In framed floors. Covers and Dampers on vents to the outside, unheated or cooled areas, energy-efficient windows, doors and appliances also add to energy savings.

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I would choose the essential appliances for my home.

  • Microwave

  • Stove/oven

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

However, when choosing these appliances, I would be sure to look for an EnerGuide label or follow the EnergyStar program to conserve energy.

Light It Up

In my future home, I would use Flood Reflector LED lightbulbs because these light bulbs are 90% more efficient than an incandescent, last 10 times longer than CFLs and the frequency of changing light bulbs is greatly reduced. This meaning, I will save on money and be energy efficient.

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Out of This World Inventions

Essential items that can be found in my home that has been developed due to space exploration would be a smoke detector, for safety reasons and to detect any fires. I would also have a variety of cordless tools for effortless use and quicker access. Smoke detectors were created to help detect any toxic vapours and cordless tools were used to help Apollo astronauts drill for moon samples. With this technology, people have used it to make things that already existed, better.

the perfect combination of comfort, relaxation and sustainability to the planet

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Let the Planning Begin!

Mediterranean Style • 4 Bedrooms • 4 Baths • 2 Stories • 3 Garage Bays • 3 777 sq. ft. Living Area • 73' 2" x 118' 8" Width/Depth

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