It's a brand new year!

A new year a new you.

The big heart and the little metal person.

"Empathy and Armor" is the creation of Mr. Brodt. Empathy and Armor is an approach to life in general that can help us deal with all kinds of stuff, especially the things that can make our middle school years difficult, and boy can those years be difficult. Empathy and Armor asks you to use one of the most important things you have in your possession your imagination.

Our imaginations are so very powerful, our imaginations are the source of wonder and hope for all of us, and it is often our imaginations that allow us to become the best person we can be.

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This takes lots, and lots, and lots of practice. So let's get practicing!

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Toolkits can be hard to carry or imagine sometimes. Use your "imaginary backpack".

Work on filling your "Toolkit" Mom and Dad should be in there now.

Let's begin to fill your "Toolkit for Life" with some more things.

  • Your Imagination!
  • Laughter!
  • Your "suit of armor", and remember to keep adding pieces, and keep it polished.
  • Where's your "remote control"? Remember to keep it in YOUR toolkit it shouldn't be in someone else's.
  • Your "Whatever Shield"! Don't leave home without it.
  • A reminder to avoid feeling like you are a "Target" and if you do, fix it (see Whatever Shield).

More to follow and more to fill.
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It takes a lot of practice and a lot of polish to keep our "Armor" working.

This is what I imagine my "Armor" looks like, kind of old school and clanky, but it works.

How would you imagine yours?

Iron Man armor?, Wonder Woman armor?, The Mandolorian armor? Joan of Arc armor? What would it look like and imagine wearing it.

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This is your "remote control" , they are your emotions, they are your buttons, don't let someone push them for you.

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Some people just love pushing other people's buttons! Don't let them "own" you. Take it back!

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We allow a lot of things to bother us that we shouldn't, we all do. Practice saying "Whatever" and give yourself permission to not be bothered and move on.

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Ever feel that life, things, people, and even your friends are just out to get you? We can feel like a "bullseye" is on our shirt if we are not careful. So how do you block those "arrows", think about your "Whatever Shield" first. More to follow on this.
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"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED". NASA'S Orion Space Suit Equipped to Expect the Unexpected on Artemis Missions

You may not be travelling into space anytime soon but right now you are in a "virtual school world" so be prepared for computer glitches, software crashes, power outages, moms and dads, and cats sitting on your keyboard. Expect (and prepare) for the unexpected. Remember we are all in this together, our goal is to do the very best we can under very, very, unusual circumstances. So let's shoot for the moon...but remember, "wear your suit" just in case.

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Star Wars has its own "Dark Side", beware, we can too.

There is a potential bully in all of us, and we all do have a "mean streak".

We are not always at our best, and we do not always say or do what we should. Sometimes we forget to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We all make those mistakes, all of us.

That side of you will always be there, it is in all of us. Work very hard to keep it in check. Know that if you go there into your "dark side" it can only be temporary, you cannot remain there. It can be easy to follow "friends" there also, "wolves" run in packs. More to come on that.

Close your eyes and imagine Lighthouses.

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Lighthouses are very cool. If you have never seen one we hope one day you will. Mr. Brodt talks about lighthouses a lot. He says they're "symbolic and metaphors", OK! Which Mr. Brodt?

What do you think lighthouses might be symbolic of? What if you were a lighthouse?

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Animals make me laugh! Laughter is healthy.

How rude!!!!