Honokalani Black Sand Beach

by: vy bui

Facts you should know about Honokalani Beach

Its location: North America, Waianapanapa State Park in Hawaii

Country: America

Latitude and longitude: 20.8*N 160*W

Somewhere along Maui’s eastern edge near the town of Hana you will find Honokalani black sand beach. Located in Wainapanapa Sate Park, this beach includes coastal hikes, blowholes, wet ponds and bamboo forests. It is well known for its jet black sand to contrast the bright clear blue ocean of Hawaii. You will also find, sea caves, sea side lava tubes and sea arch.

Being in a state park, Honokalani Beach such as picnic event, restrooms, showers, swimming, resort feature, diving, paved parking lot and hiking trails. Although the Black Sand Beach is not very large, but it is extremely pleasing to the eyes, providing some of the most glaring images of the island’s coastline that framed with the deep green, lush tropical tree and sparkling clear sapphire sea.

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More facts you should consider

Warning signs jellyfish with its painful sting, and strong currents abound, and there are life preservers surrounding the beach. Summertime produces the calmest waters, when it can be suitable for swimming or kayaking. Because of the strong currents, you won’t find any Maui surfing here.