GT Update News: Edition 13

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

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Please accept my apologies for no newsletter last week. I missed the better part of the week due to illness. I am back and feeling 100% better.

Last week, fourth graders finished exploring the research process by visiting an interactive website that allows students to navigate through each step and learn what each step encompasses. They compiled their learning into a class tree map that they can use as a reference point in further researching. This week, they will choose a topic of their choice and track their progress in their class spirals as they work through the research process. They will also look at their STEM papers as it relates to the paper airplanes they designed.
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Shenanigans Ensue for Indoor Recess

Unfortunately, last week I didn't get to spend all day with fifth graders because I was able to finally move back into our old room:) This week they will continue to read the book, Ungifted. They will determine the main idea from the details already listed from both the beginning and the end of the book. Then they will determine the change over time for the character based on the details already written. These are all depth and complexity practices. This week, they will begin the day by giving their introduction speeches, which will lead them into The Inn from the Speaker's House. Once in The Inn, they will prepare an informative speech. The idea is that they will put all the aspects of communication they've practiced together to make a well--written and delivered speech in order to leave The Inn and begin to bring their journey to a close.
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Last week they finished their building challenge mini-projects and presented them to their first grade teacher's classes. This week, they will continue to use coding to build their own Flappy game by using event handlers to detect mouse clicks and object collisions (think about the action when, in a game or website, you click a "button" and a specific action takes place). It is a cause/effect relationship. Then they will create their own "stories" by applying all the coding they have learned. Stay tuned for posts in our next few newsletters.

Kelsey's Coding: click to experience her game