Spiny Dogfish Shark Project

Lauren Godeaux

Labeling Diagram

  1. First Dorsal Fin
  2. Second Dorsal Fin
  3. Caudal Fin
  4. Pelvic Fin
  5. Gill Slits
  6. Snout
  7. Claspers
  8. Pectoral Fin
  9. Lateral line


  • Gallbladder-helps with storage of bile
  • Heart-two separate parts: atrium and ventricles- pushes blood into the rest of the shark
  • Kidney- filters blood
  • Liver-filters the food ate by the shark
  • Pancreas-two separate parts: dorsal and ventral- thin and long
  • Small Intestine-Separates nutrients from waste
  • Large Intestine-takes in water and salts from solid waste
  • Stomach-digestion
  • Esophagus-tube connecting mouth to stomach
  • Rectum-holds solid waste
  • Claspers-a male projection that helps sperm be transferred during reproduction
  • Lateral Line-a line from the pectoral fins to the pelvic fins
  • Gills-allows water to leave


  • K- Animalia
  • P- Chordata
  • C- Chondichthyes
  • O- Squaliformes
  • F- Squalidae
  • G- Squalus
  • S- acanthias

Have a life span of 25 - 100 years


They live in the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. They also have been found in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.
Shark Academy: Spiny Dogfish Shark