The day we remember and stay loyal to our veteran's

The Love of Veteran's

Veterans are the people we should trust and love with all of our hearts. They protect our country to save us. They try and do everything they can to keep us safe. We should treat them with respect like they do to us. It's sad seeing them homeless every year and we should help them get back together from when they fell apart. The people who don't respect the veterans for what they do and did, should be ashamed. I am glad that people respect and appreciate the veterans for what they did for us all. That's why we celebrate Veteran's Day.

Start a Meeting/Community

We should all start a community or meeting about the homeless veterans in this country. All the veterans out there put all their might and hard work into the military and to protect us. Everyone needs to go or start a community to make a difference for what the veterans do. All they need is help and we can help them. I hope everyone helps the poor veterans out there that need help from somebody else.