Math Scavenger Hunt

Review Poster

Welcome to Mrs.Lewis' Class!

My name is Morgan Ketchie and I am one of Mrs.Lewis' former students. You are all very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. I hope you are getting excited now that you're all the top dog's at EMIS! Though, you will need to show how skilled you are. Meaning you must prove yourself. The school year has 180 days, by the end I promise you'll be counting. Spend each day like it's the best day and never give up!!! Good Luck to you all!

Some Exciting Things You'll Be Learning About







Area & Surface Area

Some Advanced GCF & LCM

More and More Fractions



And Plenty of Volume

Look Around the Room for Helpful Posters!!!


Mrs.Lewis' prepares all of her students for tests of all sizes!!! She will have you take little quizzes and large ones. Don't be disappointed if you're quiz grades aren't perfect, feel good that you have the ability to take the test. Most kids don't, that's what makes all of you so special. You're no smarter than any other person in the classroom or in the school, you're not any dumber either. You were chosen to be in AIG!! You are the role models, therefore you must prove yourself. Show you can do it and remember to NEVER GIVE UP! The EOQ's/EOG's do not show what kind of person you are. Only you know who you really are, let the world know how amazing and talented you can be!

Don't Forget

Sometimes they surprise you with rewards!! Be good and earn them! Turn your work in on time and make sure it's completed. Do your best on the work you do and have fun afterwards.

Helpful Tip from past experience: Alway's get your behavior card signed and do NOT lie. (They always know the truth, don't know why, but they do!)