inside out

shir gur


The movie "Inside Out" is about what is going on in our head when we are angry, or sad, happy, scared or disgust. The movie tlkes about 5 little emotions inside of Riley Anderson brain called Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. Every person in these world have those emotions and their are some parts in thr movie that shows her mothere's or father's brains for a secound. The storry is about Riley that was born in Minnesota and moved to San Francisco and she wasent happy abot it. Sadness and Joy got lost in Riely's mind and Anger Disgust and Fear almost making Riley run away from home!

I really liked the movie, it maked me laugh, cry and morre emotions. It,s my favorite movie of all time.

I most liked sadness because she saved the movie at the end ( suprise :) ). I didn't like Joy cause she was to much pusitive for me.