all about jewlry

men were first to wear jewlry
most jewlry has diamonds gold or beutiful rocks.

Different Facts About Jewelry

1.Materials for making jewelry:



sometimes you might want a crystal

hammer or pliers

2.How do you make jewelry that doesn’t break?

  • you need to tie the wire really tight if you are using wire

  • if you have beads make sure they dont fall off

3.Gold is kindove a dark yellow and it is used a lot in jewlry

4. Types of Materials: rubys,emralds,gold,perles,dimonds.

5.necklaces,bracelates,arings,types of headbands.

6.what can you make jewlrey with?

you can blow glass,can go gold mineing,search for dimonds in a volcano. can make jewlry out of anything such as nuts and bolts,normal reycycling stuff,and even FOOD.


Job Title

What They Do


glass blower

blow glass.

glass blowing


study gems

super pages .com

jewlry desingers

desin jewlry


what if

if we did not have jewlry in 50 years we would not look shiney.