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National Homeless Day

Every year on December 21st we take time to remember the loss of the homeless. This is a day to raise awareness for homelessness. You can take a part in the fight to end homelessness.
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TB in homeless communities 

  • "In some states, over 10% of TB cases were among homeless persons in 2011; the highest percent reported by a jurisdiction was 23% (14 of their 60 TB cases with known status were reported as homeless)."

Addictions drain your money.

Many people use their money on things like drugs or other addictive items that drain all of their money away. Since they run out of money they need a place to stay and that is why the need for homeless shelters is so big. If people spent their money wisely in the beginning, maybe we wouldn't have such a big problem.

Understanding the patients

Their are many different types of people that are in need of better conditions. The workers need to be prepared to deal with any type of person. No matter the age, race, or gender. Many people live on the streets every night, you could be the person that helps give them a home. You can give money to a local homeless shelter, you could donate food to a food bank, or you could donate supplies such as tooth brushes, shampoo, or soap. There are many things you can do to help, so get started!



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