Ancient Greece

By: Dominique Vivolo

The Climate

The climate in Greece is very hot in the summertime, but when it comes to winter it is mild weather. In the summer because it is hot they wear lightweight clothing and in the winter the bundle up with clocks on the colder days of winter.

The problems in Greece!

Since the ground was rocky and the weather was hot that lead to bad crops. When crop season came it was hard to trade things because they had no crops to eat so it was hard to harvest crops so that was a really big problem in Ancient Greece.
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How did people in Greece adapt to travel?

They adapted to traveling by looking at the stars in the sky. They would navigate them in the night so they could travel and get places.

Helpful Things in Ancient Greece!!!

Since the crops were hard to harvest because of the hot weather and the rocky land they would trade. They would make things to trade for important things. They would trade things such as necklaces, bracelets, clothing and other important things!
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Geographical Features

In Ancient Greece some of the Geographical Features are the many rocky mountains. There was mainly the steep rocky ones that made it hard to plant.
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Impacts in Ancient Greece

Some of the impacts that were in Ancient Greece was the mud pits! The mud pits people would normally get stuck in and it would be hard to get out. The wagons would be so hard to get out of!! There was also sharp pieces of glass or axles and rocky terrain that would breakdown the wagons.
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Somethings to describe the features of Ancient Greece!!!

Some important cities that are in Ancient Greece are Athens, Sparta, And Thebes, they were very powerful!
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Why you should come to Ancient Greece!

There is lots of land, mountains, and there is also a lot of sea like the black sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. This is also included the settlements in the modern-day Italy, Spain, Turkey, and also in parts of North Africa.
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