Cell Organelles

By: Emmy

Cell Wall

This organelle is only in the plant cell. The job of the cell wall is to protect the cell from injury. The cell wall is like the security guard of the cell.
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Cell Membrane

This organelle is in both the plant and animal cell. The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell. The cell membrane is like a doorman to the cell.
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This organelle is in both the plant and animal cell. It's also known as the "mighty mitochondria". The mitochondria produces ATP energy for the cell. The mitochondria is like a power plant of the cell.
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This organelle is in the animal and plant cell. The vacuoles job is to store water and nutrients that the cell needs to survive. The vacuole is almost like a storage house, but for the cell.
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This organelle in the cell is very important. The nucleus is in the animal and plant cell. The nucleus is the brain of the cell. It directs most of the activity in a cell and it hold DNA.
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The cytoplasm is located in the animal and the plant cell. The cytoplasm is the jelly-like fluid that holds all the organelles inside the cell. The cytoplasm holds the internal pressure of the cell.
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Ribosomes are located in both the plant and animal cell. The ribosomes job is to create proteins that the cells needs. The ribosomes are similar to small factories.
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Golgi Body

The Golgi body is found in both the animal and plant cell. The job of the Golgi Body is to group lipids and proteins an packages them into vesicles.
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Rough/Smooth ER

The rough and smooth ER are found in the animal cell only. The rough/smooth ER prepare proteins for the Golgi Body.
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Lysosomes are found in the animal cells. The lysosomes break down waste and they detoxify poisons. The lysosomes are basically like a recycling station.
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The chloroplasts are found in the plant cells. The chloroplasts job is to convert the suns rays into energy that the cell can use. The chloroplasts control the photosynthesis is the plant cells.
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Cell Theory

The cells theory has 3 major parts.

1. All living things are made of cells.

2. Cells carry out all the functions made of life.

3. Cells come only from other living cells.

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Body Organization

Cells->Tissues->Organ->Organ System->Organism
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Prokaryotic Cells/Eukaryotic Cells

A prokaryotic cell is one that lacks a nucleus.

A eukaryotic cell is one that contains a nucleus.


Prokaryotic Example: Bacteria
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Eukaryotic Example: Fungi, plants, and animals.
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