Copper Hill Connection

April 2020

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100 Everitts Road

Ringoes, NJ 08551


908-284-7671 (fax)


Mrs. Vanessa Ahmed, Principal

Mr. Jesse Lockett, Vice Principal

Mrs. Rebecca Moerri, School Counselor - ext. 7669

Mrs. Lisa Maslankowski, School Nurse - ext. 7670

Dear Copper Hill Families,

Happy Spring! – the grass is greening, the buds are popping and we have a few weeks of virtual learning under our belt – way to go Cougar Families!

We hope our new version of our Copper Hill Newsletter finds your family safe and healthy! As we shared in our video message, we miss seeing all of our students throughout our school, in classrooms, the hallway, lunch and recess every day! We can't thank you enough for all of your support as we have launched into the world of virtual learning. The kind emails and words of encouragement to our amazing teachers, teaching assistants and support staff are truly appreciated. In a matter of a few days, our incredible Copper Hill team created our virtual learning hub and flipped our classrooms online. Our teachers have become more comfortable on video and teaching assistants have continued to support their students, checking in and participating in virtual classrooms.

Please remember that it is important for families to find a balance at home to enjoy this time together. Be patient with your children and flexible with your schedule, as the emotional health of our students (and families) is just as important as their academics. Given the current situation, we need to provide our students and ourselves the space and grace to comprehend what is happening in our world. Our school guidance counselor, Mrs. Moeri, and our school nurse, Mrs. Maslankowski both have many resources on our e-Learning Hub to help students understand and navigate our current circumstances.

If families are looking for fun activities to engage in together, please explore the "resources" page on our e-Learning Hub as there are many links there. Our PTO also sent out a Rainbow Cougar Connection Project inviting families to create a rainbow to place in a front window of your home to unite our community while we practice social distancing and follow current wellness protocols. Feel free to take a picture of your rainbow and post them under the comments to our Rainbow Cougar Connection post.

Remember, we are all in this together; we wish all of our Copper Hill families the best as we continue to follow guidelines to help the healthcare professionals in our community, state, nation and world tackle the pandemic that we are facing. Please check the home page of our e-Learning Hub for video messages from us and feel free to reach out via email if there is anything either of us can help your family with during this time.

Be safe. Be well.


Vanessa Ahmed


Jesse Lockett

Vice Principal

Please click on the link to view the most recent video message from Mrs. Ahmed and Mr. Lockett (all of our videos can be found on our website):


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Important Information!

Please follow the link to Dr. McGann's recent parent newsletters to find updates on COVID-19, grading practices during home instruction, district calendar updates, information about the NJ School Performance Reports, the 2020-2021 District Budget, ongoing referendum progress, and update on the Superintendent's Equity Committee, tips for remote learning, a link to complete the parent survey, health and wellness resources and more.

Parent Class Requests 2020-2021

Creation of class lists is an important responsibility that classroom teachers, content specialists, guidance and administrators take very seriously. A great deal of time and effort goes into creating classes, which are well balanced academically and socially. Many factors are considered in making placement decisions, including desirable social combinations of students, undesirable social combinations of students, numbers of students requiring academic support or enrichment and overall number balance.

Placement decisions are not made casually. Because it is not as simple as placing a student with a teacher without considering all of the dynamics of each class and the individual and collective needs of the students, the Flemington Raritan School District does not honor parental requests for specific teachers.

Parents may write to the principal stating specific needs that their child has which may be considered when placing the student. The letter should state facts to consider and not request a teacher.


Fun Things to Do Outside With Kids as a Family

While children are at home e-learning it is also important to get outside and play! Playing outside encourages more physical activity which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Next time the weather looks inviting, try some of these creative ways to play outside.

  • Go for a walk
  • Ride bikes or scooters
  • Blow bubbles
  • Play outdoor games such as Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, Tag or Steal the Bacon
  • Have a scavenger hunt.
  • Play hopscotch
  • Read a book outside under a shady tree
  • Playboard games outside
  • Make a home movie
  • Plant a small container garden
  • Search for bugs
  • Find shapes in the clouds
  • Make homemade birdfeeders with pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed
  • Jump Rope
  • Make homemade play dough or slime
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Happy Birthday Copper Hill April Cougars!!

Larkin Myhre - grade 4 - 4/01

Byron Flores - grade 3 - 4/02
Aiden White - grade 1 - 4/03

Kennedy McEvoy - grade 4 - 4/06

Ryan McEvoy - grade 4 - 4/06

Wesley Buckley - grade 4 - 4/06

Eiljah Thomas Spence - PS - 4/07

Drew Guiton - grade 3 - 4/08

Erich Hartsough - PS - 4/08
Canaan-Asher Hendricks - K - 4/08
Cailin Burns - grade 2 - 4/09
Patrick Hanley - grade 3 - 4/09
Jackson Lagasse - PS - 4/09
Mason Maeng - grade 2 - 4/09
Colin Wilson - K - 4/10
Robert Knoke - K - 4/11
Elon Cohn- grade 3 - 4/15
Lucas O'Connor - grade 4 - 4/15

Sebastian Miguel Vargas - PS - 4/15

Dylan Evangelist - PS- 4/16

Christopher Voigt- grade 1 - 4/16
Ryan Robert Ely - grade 2 - 4/17
Jayda Sladek -grade 1 - 4/17

Ty McCoy - grade 4 - 4/19

Noelle Polhemus - grade 4 - 4/19

Diana Ziganshina - grade 4 - 4/19
Noah Meza Montes- K - 4/20
Blake Moran - grade 2 - 4/20
Shaina Pieper - grade 3 - 4/20
Joseph Aziz - grade 2 - 4/21
Luis Ramirez - grade 1 - 4/22
Sara Ramirez - grade 1 - 4/22
Hunter King - grade - 1 - 4/24
Michael Staropoli - grade 1 - 4/24
Liliana Aziz - K - 4/25
Mateo Hernandez Giron - PS - 4/25
Nathan Gonzalez - grade 4 - 4/28
Christopher Bowlby - K - 4/29