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Weekly Update 02/22-02/26

Letter from MEB

Happy Wednesday!

As I am writing this, we are set to hit a high temp in the upper 40s! The birds are chirping and it is sunny. I have always enjoyed a good winter storm (as long as everyone is tucked safe inside their homes) but love the first hint of spring. I am taking this as a sign that maybe, just maybe, we are heading toward the end of “this”.

In addition to the sunny and warmer temps, many of you are beginning to welcome students (live and in person) back to your buildings. Welcoming students back also stirs some hope that maybe, just maybe, we are heading toward the end of “this”.

I am so excited to announce that we will have two days a week this summer for open gyms! We will be conducting them in person only and at the JB. All safety rules and regulations will be followed and we will make sure that everyone that wants to come to the JB will have an opportunity to do so. We will provide more details as we get closer to June.

Take care,


Open Middle

Open Middle Math creates word problems that are written at a DOK level 2 and 3. The website has split up problems by each standard for each grade level. These would be great for exit tickets and/or small group centers on a specific standard. Make sure to check it out.

Also, they have already begun putting some problems into Google slides as well. These problems are set up to be interactive 🙂


Hello Special Education Staff!

It was another great month of PD. Your own Jennifer White guest starred in PD this month. Thanks, Jen! We are forging ahead with new PD for March and April, including self-paced options.

Keep up the good work!


New Content and login info for WebPD

Below is a video for you to share with principals to share with their staff about new content on WebPD in hopes to boost usage. There is also info below the video for teachers in case they haven’t logged in this year. We can continue to guide them and recommend videos during our sessions with the teachers, as well. Let me know how else I can support you!



Bridget Longmeier | Remote Coach

Smekens Education Solutions, Inc.

Phone: 888-376-0448 | Fax: 888-376-0489

Danville WebPD - new content and log in information

Accessing webPD is easy!

1. Set your password. Your name and email address are already loaded into the webPD portal. All you have to do is complete the password reset process.

Click here to set your password.

2. Once you have set your new password, sign into the Smekens Access site.

3. After you have signed in, click on the “webPD Video Subscription” link at the top of the page. Here you will find all of the videos that are included in the subscription.

After you have finished viewing a video, a completion certificate will automatically be added to your account, and will be accessible under the “My Dashboard” link.

Workshops | Video Subscription | Bookstore

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

NBPTS is for teachers and counselors with at least three years of experience. (Certified staff in instructional coaching or similar positions are also eligible but need access to a classroom or group of students with whom to work.) NB is a process that focuses on describing, analyzing, and reflecting on your teaching practice.

This spring the state will once again be offering a subsidy to cover the $1900 cost of completing National Boards for those wanting to start the process during the 21-22 school year. The application for the state subsidy will be open from March 1st - May 10th.

The state of Illinois offers a two-year cohort program to support candidates through the NB process. I am the facilitator of the Vermilion County ROE54 National Board Candidate Cohort, currently working with seven D118 teachers who are in the second year of their two-year cycle of the NB process.

If you are a teacher or counselor interested in starting the National Board process during the 21-22 school year, consider registering for a live Zoom presentation on March 03 at 7 pm which will explain more about National Boards. Register here.

If you would like more information about NBPTS, please let me know!

Thank you for your time!


Math Online Manipulatives

Check out to find many different virtual manipulatives. You can find virtual unifix cubes, ten frames 1-100, number lines, fraction tiles, counters, base ten blocks, dice, spinners, algebra tiles, place value disks, and much more! These manipulatives can be used to enchance any math lesson. Make sure you check them out!

Teaching Multi-Lingual Learners Online

Take a look at WIDA’s 10 Guiding Principles. Not only does it share each guiding principle but it also shares what teachers can do, what multilingual learners can do, and examples/resources connected to each principle. See if one of these guiding principles can help you today! 😊

Academic Language in the Content Areas: Strategies You Can Implement This Week

March 3, 2021

Live Webinar: 3:45-5:45 pm

Presenter: Michele Yanong

TARGET AUDIENCE: K-12 General Educators, Content Area Specialists, and Everyone Else

· This fast-paced workshop will introduce six tactics for transforming instruction

· Explore academic language strategies that can be tailored to your context, including content areas or general education classroom

· Leave with over 30 links to resources and ideas


Student Engagement

How do I ensure students are engaged with each other and the content in a hybrid and/or remote learning environment?

AVID Weekly Articles

Have you been looking for reliable supplemental lessons that are ready to post to your Google classroom? AVID Weekly has some amazing resources. If you haven’t used AVID weekly in the past, it is a collection of articles with lessons and AVID strategies built in. The great news is that AVID has now converted all of the articles to Google Docs that can be copied and shared in your Google classroom with just a few clicks. Below is how you can access the articles!

Here you can find a secondary example:

Lesson plan below

Second Step

February 24 @ 1:00 p.m.

Where to Find Funding for SEL Programming


February 25 @ 1:00 p.m.

SEL for Kids, for Adults, for Everywhere!


llinois State Board of Education

The Illinois State Board of Education is proud to announce a new program to increase mental health supports for Illinois students and educators. Click here for more info.

Educational Collaborators-Coaching Request Form

Please respond to the questions on the attached doc so we can match a coach to your needs and get a coaching session set up as soon as possible.

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