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Hopefully if you're reading this, your curiosity has been sparked about Mialisia.

I joined MIALISIA in May as an INDEPENDENT 500 FOUNDING DESIGNER. It is an amazing company!!! It is a patented jewelry concept that is unique, versatile, interchageable, fashionable and fun!!! Best of all YOU get to be the designer!

See For Yourself....

Mialisia Concept Video

Mialisia From The Beginning

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting our company founder, Mrs. Annelise Brown!! She came to our beautiful city of Cincinnati and shared her heart!!

All I can say is it was AH-MAZING, INSPIRING & EMOTIONAL Moment!!!

Annelise sold over $1 MILLION from her basement! The ladies at craft and trade shows went crazy over this jewelry! And it is no wonder they did. The price is so reasonable. 90% of the jewelry is between $15-$50. You get more than just a necklace. It does so much! It becomes a bracelet, boot bling, a belt. It can be combined with any of the other pieces to become a completely different look!

This is Annelise's Story....

The Mialisia Story - How did Mialisia come to be?

Mialisia Conference Call-Get Your Questions Answered On This Call

The Most Anticipated Home Party Launch in a Decade!

Join us on this special business opportunity call where we explain Mialisia's incredible new versaSTYLE jewelry concept and show you how fun and easy it is to earn income as a jewelry party consultant.

Thursday, June 27th / Dial: 1-712-432-3066 / Code: 130800#
3pm / Hawaii / 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST

Be On The Number 1 Team

We Are Mia Strong. The NUMBER ONE TEAM in the country!!! Be part of the excitement. BE part of the company BEFORE prelaunch because I'm telling you.... when it launches, the masses will come. Take the opportunity now to build your team! You are not going to be begging people to have a party. THEY WILL WANT TO HAVE ONE! The jewelry is fun! The possibilities are ENDLESS. I know. I played with several pieces myself. Once women start to play with it and see the possibilites, the jewelry sells itself. It truly does.

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Hi I'm Sherri Burton your personal Mialisia Jewelry Designer!

I'm excited for this opportunity to share our stylish, interchangeable jewelry pieces that can be customized to fit even the busiest multi-tasking woman!

This is your opportunity to be a part of one of the fastest growing Mialisia Jewelry teams!! We are dedicated to developing savvy women & men (just like you)! Our mission is to foster friendship, inspire personal growth, provide support, and create leaders.

I’ve worked in the Direct Sales Industry for well over 10 years and whole-heartedly believe in the full potential of Mialisia Jewelry! I'm devoted to sharing this fabulous opportunity, and to your growth within this company and our team. If it is your desire to run a successful business then I will show you the steps to take to have an amazing career, with unlimited earnings and totally flexible hours.

​​Contact me today to learn more about this FABULOUS business Opportunity