Week of April 6-9, 2021

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Thank you for continuing to be vigilant by screening your child daily for Covid-19 and for following Public Health guidelines by keeping your student home when they display a symptom or symptoms. By working together, we have the best opportunity to limit the spread of Covid-19 and keep our school and community safe and healthy.
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Happy Spring to our Calvin Park families and community! After the ups and downs of this year, Spring brings sunshine and longer days, along with a renewed sense of hope and positivity! We hope that you have enjoyed the long weekend with your family "bubble" and had an opportunity to be outside in this beautiful weather!

A reminder that the rescheduled "March Break" is next week, April 12-16. Last week, we encouraged students to clean up their desk areas and take home any extra clothing that accumulated over the winter months. We have a few items in our lost and found so please encourage your child to look through the lost and found if they are missing anything.

Spring weather is always unpredictable so we are asking that students have shoes for indoors and boots or outdoor footwear to wear outside. We are trying to keep the mud out of our classrooms and gym! Also, students should continue to dress for the weather since we will be going outside as much as possible in all types of weather. Please contact the office if you require assistance to purchase these items for your child.

Grade 8 Graduation photos will take place April 6-9 and on April 19, 20. Please see the section below for the schedule and further information.

We look forward to another week of learning together!

Thank you,

The Calvin Park Team

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Monday, April 5

  • Easter Monday Holiday - no school

Tuesday, April 6 - Day 2
  • Graduation Photos - 8C1 (Williams) and start 8C2 (Yateman)
  • Wear blue to show support for Autism Awareness and to show that we are committed to raising awareness and creating a sense of belonging that includes a rich diversity of learners at our school.

Wednesday, April 7 - Day 3

  • Graduation Photos - Finish 8C2 and 8AT (Raby)

Thursday, April 8 - Day 4

  • Graduation Photos - 8A (Boyce) and start 8B (Valberg)
  • "The Great Glug!" Bring a water bottle and participate in this event organized by the Calvin Park Eco Club

Friday, April 9 - Day 5

  • Graduation Photos - Finish 8B and 7/8A (McCann)
  • Twin Day! Dress in matching outfits with one or more of your friends this Friday!! You can be twins, triplets, quadruplets or more!


April 12-16 Spring Break (postponed from March)

April 19 Graduation Photos - 8L1 (Mitchell) and start 8L2 (Stewart)

April 20 Graduation Photos - Finish 8L2 and Virtual School Grads (pre-book your appointments between 12-2 by calling our office)

April 22 Earth Day and Pitch In Clean-Up

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Lifetouch Grade 8 Graduation Photos will take place on April 6-9, 19, 20, with Covid protocols in place. The photos will take place in the cafeteria. This is the schedule of classes each day:

April 6 8C1 (Williams) and start 8C2 (Yateman)

April 7 Finish 8C2 and 8AT (Raby)

April 8 8A (Boyce) and start 8B (Valberg)

April 9 Finish 8B and 7/8A (McCann)

April 19 8L1 (Mitchell) and start 8L2 (Stewart)

April 20 Finish 8L2 and Virtual School Grads (pre-booked appointments)

Students need to bring their own white shirt (tie is optional) or t-shirt because Lifetouch will not be able to provide these items due to Covid protocols. Gowns will be provided for photos and will be steam-cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Grade 8 students attending face-to-face school will have their photos taken on the dates indicated above. Calvin Park Grade 8 students who are currently enrolled in the Elementary Virtual School have the option of booking an appointment for their photos to be taken at the school on April 20 (pm) or to contact Lifetouch directly and make an appointment at their studio. Virtual school families should contact our school office before Friday, April 9, if you would like to book a photo appointment at the school for your child.

All students will have the option of purchasing a composite of all the 2021 graduates for an additional cost of $25 + tax. Order forms were sent home this week and can be returned with payment before your child's scheduled picture day. If your child is attending the Virtual School and you would like a composite photo, please contact our office for more information.

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April is World Autism Awareness Month

During this month and throughout the year, we all need to focus on building awareness and support for our students with autism and work together to create a kinder, more inclusive world. We are committed to raising awareness and creating a sense of belonging that includes a rich diversity of learners. On World Autism Day, April 2, and every day we celebrate what makes each of us unique. Students may choose to wear BLUE on Tuesday, April 6, to show their support!

Asymptomatic Covid Testing for Students

Students are invited to participate in voluntary asymptomatic testing (no symptoms) for COVID-19 during designated times. Families must book appointments for students using the assessment centre’s existing booking process (online or by telephone). Walk-ins are not permitted. Parent/guardian consent is required for testing of students under the age of 18. This testing is only for students, staff and bus drivers who DO NOT have COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 at a Community Assessment Centre. Learn more and review the schedule for your student's school at
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School Advisory Council Executive for 2020-21:


Claudine Elvidge (

Krystle Holton ( )

Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Phinney

Our next meeting will be in April (date to be determined). New members are always welcome. The meeting link will be sent out to all Council Members by our Co-Chairs. New members are always welcome so please contact Claudine for the meeting link if you are a new member.

Our Indigo and FlipGive fundraisers will be continuing until June 25th. For more information about these fundraisers, please view the Calvin Park School Advisory Council Update Participation in these fundraisers is easy! Just sign up and a percentage of what you spend for regular purchases like groceries, gas, home products and gifts, will go to our school. All fundraising this year will be used to purchase new books for classroom libraries to reflect diverse lives and issues related to equity, racism, and inclusion.

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Eco Club News

The Calvin Park Eco Club is a small group of dedicated students and staff whose goal is to bring attention to environmental issues and sustainability. They have three initiatives that they are organizing this year. We held the Calvin Park Earth Hour on Friday, March 26, when we turned off the lights and shut down electronics for the middle block of 100 minutes. This action showed our school's dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Our school saved 57.4 kWh - this amount of energy could power a 15-watt LED bulb for 3827 hours!

The Eco Club will also be running The Great Gulp event on Thursday, April 8 during the middle block. We are asking all classes to find a moment during the middle block for everyone in the class to simultaneously take a drink from a reusable water bottle. We will collect these photos and to symbolically bring awareness to world water issues.

Finally, starting the week after the April Break, the Eco Club will promote our Waste Free Wednesdays Campaign. Students will be asked to bring a waste-free lunch/snacks every Wednesday to bring awareness to the amount of waste that we produce and how we can become more eco-friendly. More info to follow!

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Spring Food Drive

The Spring Food Drive was a great success! Together, we collected 400 pounds of food to donate! Thank you for your contributions to support our community!


Recently, our Board switched to a new data information system which has resulted in a change in the way that teachers report their attendance each morning. Teachers are no longer able to put a reason in for your child's absence. To avoid receiving an automated attendance call, please report all absences using the School Messenger app, by calling the SAFE ARRIVAL attendance number (1-855-257-9349) or by reporting your child's absence using the website ( If you are having difficulty using these methods to report your child's absence please contact our office so that we can support you. Informing your child's classroom teacher about your child's absence is still encouraged however families must also enter the absence into School Messenger.
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Please continue to check these Limestone District School Board platforms for the most up-to-date information from our Board.

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In addition, please follow our:

Calvin Park Twitter account: @CalvinPark_LDSB or

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Calvin Park Public School Office: (613) 542-2796

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