Karankawa Indian Tribe

By Max Morelli

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The Karankawa Indians lived in the coastal plains. There land is stretched from modern day Galveston all the way to Kingsville.


The Karankawa Indians ate berries, plant roots and meat. That they obtained either through foraging in bands or hunting in bands.


An interesting fact about the karankawa Indian tribe is that they are now very close to being extinct and there are only a few surviving relatives of Karankawa indians. And they live in texas on other indian reserves.


The karankawas lived in teepees made from shaved buffalo skin and long sticks tied together.


The karankawa indian tribe used bows to fish and to hunt. Also they had axes and hammers for wood.

Traditions and Leadership

The different bands usually communicate using smoke signals, the smoke signals were used for war but were also used to celebrate. The leaders of the karankawa tribe were the family bands, and each family band had the oldest person be the chief of that band.
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