Marissa Meyer


A lonely girl named Cinder Linh has to face the fact that she is not like normal girls. She is part cyborg. Living in a world where technology is one of the biggest parts in everyday life and a disease that has killed millions of lives. After finding out she some how was immune to the disease she gets put into a research lab and decided to volunteer to help find the antidote.


Linh, Cinder-

Cinder is a young 16 year old talented mechanic and known as the youngest mechanic in Beijing Originally from England she was transported to China after she was in a car accident a the age of 11. From the accident she lost her hand and foot that ended up getting replaced by metal ones. Embarrassed by the fact of being part cyborg she keeps it a secret and only her stepmother and sisters know about her true identity along with her robot friend Iko. When her stepmother Adri wants to get rid of Cinder she sends her to be tested like other cyborgs in Beijing. When Cinder gets a shot to get the infection the doctors realize that she is immune to the disease Cinder decides to help the scientists voluntarily.

At some point in the story she meets prince Kai when he needs her to fix his android. He ends up liking Cinder and Cinder is hesitant on liking him.

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Humans and androids take over the streets of New Beijing. With a deadly plague that is taking over the population and destroying it. But, the life isn't only on earth but the moon. Everyday they are watched over by the known as evil, Lunars. The ruthless Queen, Queen Lavena watches over the people of the world and has her eye on the prince of Beijing Prince Kai.

Book Reviews

Singing mice and glass slippers are replaced with snarky androids and mechanical feet in this richly imagined and darkly subversive retelling of 'Cinderella.' (BCCB)

This is one buzzed novel that totally delivers. (Stacked Books Blog)

I absolutely loved Cinder. Marissa took a well known story and created an amazingly fantastic new twist, making this it an all together new story. (Between the Covers Blog)

Cinder is loads of fun--mostly due to seeing a familiar story play out in a new setting, but Cinder herself is also a tough, smart, mouthy, resourceful heroine, so spending almost 400 pages with her is completely enjoyable--and I'm totally, totally looking forward to the next one in the series. (Bookshelves of Doom)

Terrific. (Los Angeles Times)

Author Marissa Meyer rocks the fractured fairy tale genre with a sci-fi twist on Cinderella. (The Seattle Times)

Debut author Meyer ingeniously incorporates key elements of the fairy tale into this first series entry. (Horn Book Magazine)

What they [readers] do not know until they begin turning the pages of this fable-turned-dystopian-science-fiction novel, is that Meyer's embellishments create a spellbinding story of their own. (VOYA)

First in the Lunar Chronicles series, this futuristic twist on Cinderella retains just enough of the original that readers will enjoy spotting the subtle similarities. But debut author Meyer's brilliance is in sending the story into an entirely new, utterly thrilling dimension. (Publishers Weekly, starred review)

Fairy tales are becoming all the rage, with the TV shows Once Upon a Time and Grimm spinning them through a modern filter. The 26-year-old Meyer's debut novel Cinder, though, combines a classic folk tale with hints of The Terminator and Star Wars in the first book of The Lunar Chronicles young-adult series due out Jan. 3. (

This series opener and debut offers a high coolness factor by rewriting Cinderella as a kickass mechanic in a plague-ridden future. (Kirkus Reviews)

There's a lot of moving parts in this fresh spin on 'Cinderella,' the first in a four-book series. (Booklist)


Coldplay - The Scientist

Music Comparison

Scientists by Coldplay is a good comparison with the character Cinder. In the end she had regretted the choice of hiding her secrets and keeping them away from the people who cared for her and who she cares about. i think the lyrics to the song really relate to how she feels by "Nobody said it'd be easy".


If your not a fan of fairy tales Cinder will change your mind. This story isn't anything like the other versions you've heard about Cinderella. There's so much going on you'll be on the edge of your seat. I've had a hard time putting my book down when I needed to. Each chapter reveals a secret or more to the story line by bits and pieces grabbing more of your attention.