Tustumena Staff Newsletter

April 15, 2013

What does Collaboration mean to you?

We spend a lot of time talking, learning, and working together. Does that mean we are collaborating? Do we have a common goal? You may have seen the link to a district survey asking parents to give input on collaboration and early release/late start times. How would you want to use this time? What would be our goals? Our objectives? I am strongly in favor of collaboration. I am strongly opposed to teachers being out of their classrooms... unless... the product of the time is stronger teachers. Iron sharpens Iron... how could we temper each other? Increasing our collaboration is a change. (refer back to the change matrix) I believe we trust each other, now what is our vision? Then what skills and resources would we need? The payoff would need to be increased student learning.

This week's staff meeting will be a discussion format. Please come prepared to talk (yep, I may call on everyone again;-)


Collaboration Discussion

Good of the Order

PCHS update


What is missing?

April 16- PTO Meeting- 4pm

April 19- We DO have school (snow day make up)

April 22-May 3- KPL Book Fair in Library

April 23- Title One meeting- 4pm to 5:30 pm

April 24- Mike Thaler- Black Lagoon assemblies

April 22-24- Sixth graders to Kasistna Bay

April 29- Site Council meeting- 4pm

May 15-17 end of year Lynx Tracks field trips

May 20- Sixth Grade Graduation 1pm

May 20- End of year Assembly 2pm