Ashley Mondragon

All about me

Life quotes

LIfe is a dream for the wise,

a game for the fool,

a comedy for the rich,

a tragedy for the poor

- Scholom Aleichem

Books that I enjoy to read!

This is the best book I have read "A Ceratin Slaint of Light" by Laura Whilcomb. The reason why I enjoy that book is because it talks about every realistic topics that could happen to anyone but yet it's a fantisy book that seems a bit childish about ghost. Also it contains a bit of a sentive contain of death and some mature contain.

Topics of books

I usually enjoy fantisy books but yet I am not a big fan of them since I like it to at least have a touch of realism but not too much since then I lose interest so long story short, a book that is half fantisy and half realistic.

The book I might read

The book is "Girl of Nightmares" by Kendare Blake, the one that created "Anna dressed in blood" which is the first book of the book I am gonna read. I was planning to read this book since a while back and I was but then the summer hit and I wasn't able to finish it and I am exited to try to finish it this year.