Dream Chaser

Hunter Barden

About the Orbitec company.

Orbitec leads technology and subsystem development and intergration in madison,WI.

Some of there technology.

-life support

-thermal control

-commercia mature solution

-strong capabilities in four distant areas

About Dream chaser

HL-20 crew lifeboat is a lifted body that offers significant advantages using sierra Nevada's Patented hybrid rockets engines for propulsion. no toxic fuels,no hazardous operation and landing.

-low-g-atmospheric reentry

-low impact runway landing

-immediate access to crew

-sensitive science experiments

-support of ill or injured crew

Little more info about dream chaser.

Dream Chaser

Description: partor NASA commercial crew to supply crew and cargo to space station.

-crew up to 7

-length 9.00 cm 29.50ft

-wing span 7.00m 22.90ft

-volume 16.00m 565cu ft

-mass 11.340kg 25.000lb

-performance Endurance at least 210days Re-entry

- less than 1.5g.

Some Videos of Dream Chaser ^^^^^^^