Starfish Newsletter

September 15, 2016

A peek at the last week of February...

This week we talked about friendship and being a friend to everyone. I read Hooray for Hat! and Yes, We Can!

Hooray for Hat!,is about animals that are grumpy and don't want to be bothered. Elephant receives a gift of a hat and proceeds to share it with his grumpy friends. In the end, they all put the hat back together to cheer up giraffe, who wasn't feeling well.

In Yes We Can!, the animals dare each other to try tricks that only that animal can do. They laugh at each other when the other animals can't jump over the log like the kangaroo, float on the water like a duck and catch a tail like a mouse. This makes the animals upset and sad. In the end, they all celebrate each other's talents and cheer their friends on.

We also worked on learning the nursery rhyme "Jack be Nimble." Each day, I put out a candlestick (an unusual object to children) and the children tried jumping over it. We used each child's name, rather than "Jack." They loved trying to jump over the tall candlestick.

The children painted toilet paper rolls to represent a candle. Next week, they will paint a holder and put it together with their middle school buddies.

The middle school buddies helped the children make "Jack be Nimble" pictures. These are hanging up in our room.

Today, the children used art-quality water colors and painted on water color paper. The two classes are creating a paper friendship quilt that will be displayed in the hall. The children took their time exploring with the paper, brushes and paints.

In gym, the children did some running, jumping and walking backwards. Mrs. O'Connell designed an obstacle course for both classes. It involved crawling, jumping, moving around circles and jumping on 15 different floor dots. The children had a great time.

Upcoming Events

Mystery Readers - I am looking for parent/grandparent/extended family member volunteers to choose their child's favorite books and come in on Thursday to read to our class during our library time. The time frame is about 15 minutes; from 10:15 - 10:30. The sign-up sheet is available.

Registration forms for 2016-2017 - All early childhood parents received a 2016-2017 early childhood/kindergarten registration letter via mail. Please return the early registration paper as soon as possible. You may include it in your child's folder or hand it in at the main office. Thank you.

Summer Birthdays - If your child has a summer birthday and you would like us to celebrate with them, please contact me with a date that suits you. Thank you.

Cool Whip Containers Your child will need a plastic 8 ounce container for Thursday, March 3. We will be planting grass seed as part of our Easter unit.

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