The Misfits

A Scene Summarized by: Joana Book by: James Howe

Scene Summery

Bobby, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe were at school getting ready for Bobby's speech. Bobby is about to faint because they are in front of the the whole 7th grade and some parents. They changed the rules because Bobby is going to say the speech instead of Addie the President. Bobby gets on the stage and he is freaking out! The lights are shining down on him and everyone is seeing his every move. Bobby starts his speech and ends with pride. Everything he said was based off of him and his friends in the ' Gang of Five'. Everyone liked his speech, but he and his friends do not win; but they take it really well!

Book Summery

This book is about four kids that don't quite fit in. They are Bobby, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe. People call them names just because they don't act like everyone else. The setting is almost always in school. This book shows you how much names effect people. Don't put labels on people just because they are too smart, or too weird. Everyone should be equal, but everyone thinks they are better than one another. I liked this book because it shows us what the person that is being bullied. Bobby tells all about his life and his friends. You should get this book at the library!