Matthew R. social studies mr masengill 1st period

Introduction on phillipians

Its a buetaful country with alot of beaches since its an arcapelago. People are very funny.

They are a clean country. People seem to enjoy there job.And the restaurants are amazingly nice and clean.

Phillipians the land of beaches

Geography and climate

The geography is on the border of southeast asia on an island also an arcapelago.

The weather and climate is hot year round.

They are a tropical country with 3 distinct seasons.

From June to September its a rainy season,from October to February,its cold winds from the north, and from March to May its hot summers.

People and culture

There official language is filipino, there main foods are fish and chicken which are usially fried.

83% of the people are roman catholic,9% of the people are protestant 5% are muslim and the other 3% are buddhist.Bissines relationships are always personal. There are 111 other languages in the phillipians some also speak english.

Government and Citizenship

They have dual citizenship and residency is not a requirement. There government is a republic.

The judicial branch is big in the phillipains