Washington Elementary

One Day Down-- 179 To Go!

Congratulations--You Are Off to a Great Start!

Don't Forget to Check

Most students across all grade levels were given a folder today. Hopefully it made its way home to you. : )
Please remember to keep an eye out for these folders daily as they contain papers that the teachers are trying to get to you in an efficient way.
  • Open the folder each night to check for important notices
Things I found today include the following (your set may vary)
  1. Classroom Welcome Note from the Teachers
  2. Burlingame Parks and Recreation Fall Enrichment Course Insert
  3. Parent Questionnaire (to help prepare for intake conferences)

Schdedule Reminders

For the remainder of this week, please note:
TK : Start at 8:45 AM, dismissal 12:15 PM
Kinders : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 12:00 PM (noon)
Grades 1 -3 : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 2:00 PM
Grades 4 -5 : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 3:00 PM

Though today was a full attendance event -- parents and students everywhere, the typical day is a little less crowded.
Faculty/Staff are not present before 8:20 AM. There is minimal supervision in the morning. This is not an active playtime. Please have your child(ren) line up and wait for the start of the school day.The play structures should not be in use at this time.

Drop Off Note... from the Teachers

Please say goodbye to your child in line, and let them enter the classroom with their classmates and teacher. Please have a conversation with your child in preparation. This will not only foster independence, but cut down on congestion entering the building.

Kindergarten Assessment sign-ups

  • Assessments will take place in the afternoons during this week.
Kindergarten Assessment sign-ups will be posted by each teacher's classroom door. The assessment schedule begins on Wednesday. It is a one on one assessment time (student & teacher), while parents wait outside the classroom.

  1. The assessments last about 30 minutes.
  2. Most kids enjoy having this personal one-on-one session with their new teacher. This is not scary. It is a chance for the Classroom Teacher to get a little one-on-one time with your child in an effort to better determine areas of strength and areas that need focused effort. This assessment directly informs the instruction in the classroom.
  3. They may be asked to write, to count, to "read", to sort, etc.

Registration and Immunization

If you know you have already submitted both items, skip this reminder... but there are a few of you who need to make this a priority--
  • If you were not able to submit your online registration confirmation already, please make it a priority.
  • Please be sure you have PRINTED and SIGNED your online registration CONFIRMATION-- it must be turned in to have your child attend class!
**Students who do not have this on file by Friday, September 4, 2015 will not be allowed to attend class.

Event for the Calendar

Family Lunch Day!
Get ready for Friday, September 4th!

  • The first Friday of each month is Family Lunch Day.

Eat lunch with your child in the Kindergarten Yard. Some parents choose to bring a "special" lunch (pizza, burritos, burgers, etc) on these days. If you choose this option, you would not need to pack a regular lunch. BUT....students will still need to bring a snack for recess. Lunch is 12:00-12:40PM.

For this first Family Lunch Day, the Kindergarteners will not be "in session" as the dismissal time is 12 noon for this week. However, you are still encouraged to bring a lunch to enjoy at the Kinder Tables. This is a good chance for your new student to get accustomed to the eating environment which will begin with the full day schedule starting the week of 9/14.

What to Bring...

Where's My Stuff?
  • Students should bring a backpack. This is a tool often used to send home information/homework from the classroom. The teachers noted having the backpack be a regular sized pack, not toddler size. The regular size makes it easier for papers to fit. Remember to check your child's backpack every day for important letters, notices, classwork.
  1. Please DO pack a healthy snack for your child(ren). They will have a chance to eat a little something at recess each morning. Make it something that they can easily manage on their own (easy open wrapping, containers with which they are familiar, etc.).
  2. Snacks and Lunch (after the assessment weeks) should be packed separately. The students will not leave this in their backpacks, but rather be asked to place them into a class snack basket (and lunch basket).
  • General Tip: Label ALL clothing and personal items with a permanent marker. This will become more important as the year progresses. : )
  • Good Idea: No toys are to be brought to school. This can be disruptive and problematic in the classroom setting. Thank you.

Repeat Information Below

Be Part of it All!

Being part of a vibrant and thriving school community means families pitch in and do what they can to help make it all happen for the kids! Please take a few moments to consider ways in which you might be able to contribute your energy and/or expertise. Here is a link to the main volunteer sign ups.

Being a Room Rep is a great help to the teachers and other families in your child's class. Consider signing up for some classroom specific help
Kinder Room Reps:

Other grade level reps are listed on the Volunteer page if you are interested in seeing who the contact is for a specific classroom.

Stay Connected!

You will soon be receiving information from your room reps and the PTA via an interface called MemberHub. MemberHub is a private online communication tool that helps to share important information with the Washington WildCat families. You've temporarily been added to MemberHub while the school waits for the updated information and preferences you provided during online registration. MemberHub will be updated with this information during the third week of school. You will be given further instrcutions about how this all works at that time.

Most everything you need to know about what's going on at Washington will be emailed to you through the Roar on Thursdays. We try to repeat information at most once, making it essential to skim the Roar on a weekly basis. You'll also receive The Week Ahead on Sundays, which is a calendar listing of what's happening the next week at Washington.

You will also receive occasional communications from your Room Representative and classroom teacher. More info to follow soon… just heads up when it arrives so you know what it is all about. J

Once you have access, you will also be able to use this as an online directory to contact other Washington Families. This year there will also be a Mobile App available.
Keep your eyes open...

Office is Open!

You can access the building through the front door at 801 Howard Ave.

Gary and Jolanda Breazeale