By: Sarina Grover


Adding is what you have to know, no matter what. Adding is really easy. For example 5+2=7 because if you have 5 cakes and add 2 more you have 7 cakes in total.


Subtracting is basically backwards adding. For example 5-2=3 because if you have 5 cakes and eat 2 of them then there would be only 3 cakes left.


Multiplying is doubling the number. What I am trying to say is 5 x 2=10 because I have 5 groups of candy and in each bag there are 2 candies. If I add all the candies I have 10 in total.


To do dividing you need to know your multiplication. Diving is backwards multiplication. For example 2/6=3 because 3 x 2= 6 and if you take away the 3 then its 2/6 then your answer has to be 3.

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4 main parts of math that you need to know!