The Fault In Our Stars

Author: John Green

The Fault in our stars, This book is bout this girl named Hazel Grace. She has cancer, lung cancer. She doesn't go out anywhere and her parents hate it, they hate it because she doesn't have any friends. So Hazels doctor recommended for her to go to support group. Support Group is where teens that have cancer go to this place were they talk about their situation and how they feel about it. Going to support Group was the best thing that could possibly happen to Hazel. She was technically forced to go because her parents made her go. She made this friend Isaac, he had a problem with his eyes. He was going to be blind throughout the days passed. One day when went to support group, as usual, she saw this guy walk in which she really liked. She felt really attacked to him. She had a common fried which was obviously Isaac. So as the days passed they went out places, Augustus, Hazel and her mom ended up going to Amsterdam. So this happened because Hazel and Augustus read this book. So the book left many unanswered question. They really wanted to know how everything ended. So the authors assistant invited them to come over. They didn't have a great time with the author, but they together did. Augustus Waters was his name. He had a prosthetic leg. So when they went back home something terrible happened. One of them ended up dying. Find out who it was!
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