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May 16 - 20

The Shady Brook Vision and Mission Statements

Knowledge Informs and Determines Success for Students

The mission of Shady Brook Elementary is to educate all students for success today and tomorrow.

HEB ISD 2014 - 2019 Goals

1. Student Achievement
2. Effective and Efficient Operations
3. Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff
4. Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools
5. Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

TWO more Mondays!

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Our Growing Family and other news to know. . .

Updated 5/12: Team, I wanted to share a few changes with you that will be occurring in the 16-17 school year:

  • We would like to welcome Angela McFarland to the 1st grade team! She will be filling our new unit position. We've enjoyed working with her as an Interventionist and are very excited to have the opportunity to work with her full time!
  • We are working on interviewing for the following positions:
  • Second Grade (new unit)
  • Librarian

I will keep you informed as we go throughout the rest of the year. :-)

Important SBE Events to Remember:

5/16 SBE Career Day

5/16 Suzuki Recital

5/16 6th Grade Harwood JH visit 2.0

5/17 Kindergarten Award Ceremony

5/17 6th Grade Field Trip

5/18 Support Staff Appreciation

5/18 Peter Pan Musical Performance Grades 1 - 3

5/18 Student Birthday Celebration

5/18 Suzuki Student Celebration

5/18 Suzuki Strings Spring Recital

5/19 Second Grade Award Ceremony

5/19 First Grade Award Ceremony

5/19 Shetland Choir Musical

5/20 Field Day

5/23 Field Day (Alternate Date)

5/24 Fourth Grade Awards Ceremony

5/24 Fifth Grade Awards Ceremony

5/24 Sixth Grade Awards Ceremony

5/25 Third Grade Awards Ceremony

5/25 Noon Dismissal

5/25 Staff Luncheon - Babe's Chicken

5/25 Half-Day Workday for staff

5/26 Work Day for Staff

5/31 - 6/1 Continuous Improvement Days

You Make More of a Difference Than You Know!

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Upcoming Meetings:

5/12 CANCELLED Goal Team Mtg.

5/13 Leadership Team Mtg.

5/17 Shannon to Title I Principals Mtg.

5/17 Ande to Nurses Mtg.

5/17 Campus Improvement Mtg.

5/19 6th Grade Blockout Mtg.

5/19 CANCELLED Staff Mtg.

5/20 Melissa to Instructional Mtg.

Testing at a Glance:

We made it through!

There are no current updates or information regarding upcoming testing. :-)

Textbook Gaylord Information

They will begin shipping out Gaylords next week. When we receive our Gaylord, ONLY the items listed may go inside:

Grades 3-4 Social Studies

Grade 6 Social Studies

Art Grades K-6 (Teacher may keep one copy)

Music Grades K-6 (Teacher may keep one copy)

K-5 USED Envision and Investigation Math Consumables

Grade 6 USED Math Consumables

Grade 5 Social Studies will not go inside of the Gaylord. In addition, you may not fill the Gaylord with library materials, random teacher materials, unused or gently used consumable math workbooks, or any other materials other than those listed above. Before any books are placed inside of the Gaylord, you will need to get with Clarence, so that he knows exactly what you are placing inside of the Gaylord and how many of that item you are placing inside. He will give you a sheet to fill out with this information.

Kudos to. . .

  • Melissa Hassell and Lisa Evans for all of their help in setting up great events for Teacher Appreciation week!!!
  • The secret helpers that cleaned up the Lounge after our Appetizer Luncheon on Wednesday! Thank you!!!!!
  • David and Rosa for saving the Baked Ziti when Shannon forgot to take it home to bring back on Wednesday! They figured out how to get it safely in the fridge for us to be able to continue to enjoy!
  • The Shady Brook Family. . .across the campus over the past few weeks I have witnessed staff members helping each other left and right. I know for a fact that this has a huge impact on others. Thank you for all that you do!


Happy Birthday to. . .

5/18 Denise Campbell

5/20 Jennifer Priddy

5/20 Genna Schutza

5/22 Susan Rankins

5/30 Stephanie Billings

5/30 Maria Boone

6/9 Luke Landreville

6/10 Tweresa Crawford

6/10 Lauren Head

6/14 Misty Matcham

6/22 Delinda Rice

Upcoming DUE DATES


  • 5/16 Lesson Plans due in the Shared Folder before the start of the school day. (Although we have some very busy days ahead, please try to keep as much structure in your day as possible in order to help the students remember that we are not yet out for summer.)
  • EOY Checklist information with specific due dates is coming.

Team Leaders

  • Team Minutes are due to the assigned administrator each week. :) Please make sure that you are continuing to turn these in as we use this information as a guide in our decision-making on various situations. Thanks!

News you need to know!

Summer Blitz - Be sure to check out the information that was sent out on Wednesday regarding the Summer Blitz on June 9th. Many of the sessions appeared to be related to topics that we have discussed here on campus. I'm looking to see what I can attend. Thanks!