Human Trafficking

How human trafficking is a problem in the world.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is taking a person and forcing them to do what you want. Trafficking a person is a really big crime and a huge violation of Human rights. Every year thousands of Men, Women and children are taken into the business of trafficking.

Why is Human Trafficking happening?

It is happening because people want or need money and this is one of the only things they can think of doing. It is in the top three most paid organized crimes. Those people are taken and sold for the purpose of the owners getting money.They also use them as organ donations or sell them on the black market.

How it affects the whole world.

A lot of the worlds population is a slave. We have more slaves now then we ever did in our history. Big events in countries are when the people strike and take others for their business.

How we can some Human Trafficking.

By having the number for help easy to find on the internet. It can also be found in phone books. LGBTQ is a group that helps lots of people who are forced to live on the street. Those are where a lot of the trafficking humans come from. It also helps survives of trafficking cope with it and learn to be strong and move back in to the world. Also the safe harbor laws help us with trafficking and how to stop them from doing it to children.