Color changes everything!

A splash of new paint can change your outlook...

Save money and spruce up your home...

From time to time we like to share people and businesses we have come to know and value due to their commitment and service to their clients. With this said, we'd like to introduce you to Two Dudes Painting Company. They are a Lancaster Native company filled with quality professionals who love what they do best, paint!
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Thinking about painting your home or office?

Two Dudes Painting Company is a forward thinking company. They focus on what their clients needs are and work towards that end. With many of our Natural Alliance clients and friends we have heard your concerns about VOC's (volitale organic compounds) in painting products that can cause challenges.

Two Dudes Painting Company offers products with low to no VOC's for those who prefer to live without them. With this said, we are excited to introduce Two Dudes Painting Company to you as someone you can be assured that their focus is you and your concerns.

Two Dudes Painting Company Earns Ethics in Business Award

Two Dudes Painting Company

Meet Tony Kirchner with Two Dudes Painting Company

Tony is one of those people who is in the business of surpassing people's expectations. As a musician and teacher in his previous life, details and high expectations are what he strives to bring to his clients who trust Two Dudes Painting Company with their homes.

Tony has graciously offered to extend the Two Dudes Annual Holiday offer of 20% off all work completed in January and February. This offer customarily goes to past customers, family and friends and we are grateful to extend this special offer to you.

To receive your 20% off Two Dudes painting services to increase the value of your home or business please connect with Tony directly by email or call him at 717.203.3921 and let him know Patrick and Lori Kirkham sent you their way.
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Natural Alliance

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to a person who truly cares about the concerns of his clients to assure their expectations are met. Contact Tony Kirchner directly for a free estimate and enjoy the Special Holiday 20% off pricing before February 29th!

Patrick and Lori Kirkham