The Weekly Spur

Week Fifteen: December 7 -December11, 2015

Why stockings and poinsettias?

Why do we hang a Christmas Stocking? The legend for this story starts with a kindly nobleman grew despondent over the death of his beloved wife and foolishly squandered his fortune. The generous St. Nicholas, hearing of the girls’ plight, set forth to help. Wishing to remain anonymous, he rode his white horse by the nobleman’s house and threw three small pouches of gold coins down the chimney where they were fortuitously captured by the stockings the young women had hung by the fireplace to dry.

What do Poinsettia plants mean? One legend has it that a young Mexican boy, on his way to visit the village Nativity scene, realized he had no gift for the Christ child. He gathered pretty green branches from along the road and brought them to the church. Though the other children mocked him, when the leaves were laid at the manger, a beautiful star-shaped flower appeared on each branch.

Word of the week, Quote & Call back:

Word of the Week:

Friendship: caring for and trusting others

Quote: “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Call Back: You have a friend….in me!

What's on tap this week?

PTA Holiday Store Open All Week!

Monday, Dec. 7 - SLT Meeting, PTA Board Meeting @ 6:00pm

Tuesday, Dec. 8 - Lisa Simmons here during conference times

Wednesday, Dec. 9 - Faculty Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 10 -

Friday, Dec. 11 -

Saturday, Dec. 12 - Breakfast with Santa 9:00-12:00

Happy Birthday to You!

none this week
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A look ahead...

Wednesday, Dec. 16 - administration open house 9:00-4:00 in the Board Room

Thursday, Dec.17 - PLC meetings

Friday, Dec. 18 - Holiday Sing-along after InSPURations, class parties, early release/staff development

Dec. 21-Jan. 3 - Winter Holiday Break!!

Monday, Jan. 4 - Return to School

Wednesday, Jan. 7 - Vertical Alignment Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 8 - PLC meetings

PTA Information:

*PTA has created a BOX TOP GARDEN. Depending on how many box tops you have turned in depends on how many petals are on your flower. The first petal represents 25 or less box tops and every petal after represents 10 boxtops. **Just a reminder, SPED will be picking up your box top envelope every Friday, not PTA. **

*If you have any pictures from your classroom that can be shared, please send them to Crystal Barnhill or Jill Wagenknecht. We will forward them to the yearbook committee. Thank you in advance!

Empathy in the Classroom: Why Should I Care?

Here is a link for an interesting article entitled:

"Let’s Write! 20+ Ideas & Resources"