Marian SLC Newsletter

Volume I, Issue 4: February 2016

Relationship Issue: You and Others

Love Challenge

During this month of February, known for it’s association with love and friendship, we tend to observe the loving relationships in our lives. Some of us may even be reflecting on being a better version of ourselves as part of the season of Lent, which also starts in February. This CHALLENGE is a way to become a person of Love; “ Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” (Peter 1:4-8).

Many of us are familiar with the bible verse Corinthians 13:4-7. This challenge involves living out this one piece of scripture which is shown below. Read it, then replace each time the word “Love” appears with your name, or maybe even the name of someone you are in a relationship with. And remember, this is not so much a test but a guide to help you improve in any way you think you may need.

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Marian Hall Residents’ Resolutions

“I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions because they are so hard to keep up with. Instead, I just try to be better each year. I do take Lent seriously, though. I always give up something for those 40 days and nights!” - Rosie

“This year, we’re both trying to exercise more. Not necessarily to lose weight or to look good, that’s just a bonus. We just want to feel fit and healthy. So far, we’ve been doing pretty good. We keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. We might not be able to workout or exercise everyday, but we’re definitely being more active than last year, so that’s a start.” - Alex & Megan

“We’re trying to keep on top of our homework, and do things as they’re assigned. We’ve actually been doing pretty good. I think what helps is that we’ve been working in groups with some other friends.” - Rebecca & Abril

Marian Hall Upcoming Programs

2/08: Happy Chinese New Year: Come by the front desk to pick up your own paper fortune cookie

2/09: Spring Fling Chili Cook-Off at 4pm-6pm at Softball Stadium

2/10: Ash Wednesday (Start of Lenten Season) at 11:10am Mass at Arena

2/10: M & M It Out at 8pm 1st Floor lounge

2/11: DIY Nebula Jars at 7:30pm 1st Floor Lounge

2/13: Bring-a-Long: CTH at 10:45am 1st Floor Lounge

2/15: Visit to the Marianist Residence at 5:30pm 1st Floor Lounge

2/18: Bring-a-Long: Faith Matters at 4pm UC B 1st Floor Lounge

2/18: Live Life to the Plus with Rebecca Ingasoll at 6pm 1st Floor Lounge

2/19: Marian Hall Council: Volleyball Night at 6-8pm at the Gym

2/22: Wumbology with Dr. Karlin at 6:00pm 1st Floor Lounge

Monday Nights: Bible Study at 8pm with Rosie Talamantes and Justin Alexander

Marian Program Policy:

Reminder: Marian Residents must participate in hall programming. Must attend 4 programs a semester, 8 programs a year.