Ian Sierzant

Peer Leading Presentation


I am empathetic because before I do anything I consider the consequence but also other people's feelings. I feel that if everyone was empathetic then no one would bully anyone and our world would be much better.


I am optimistic because when things get tough the only way to get through is with a smile. Also smiling is contagious and before you know it everyone is smiling back.


Strong does not describe me physically as it does mentally. I do not mean how smart I am though. I am smart in the sense of problem solving. I love to try to figure out hard problems, and it can become very useful as not everything is easy or perfect.


The leader that serves as my leader inspiration is my dad. He has always worked very hard at his job and has worked his way to the top and has brought his coworkers with him. Because of his hard work and selflessness he serves as my inspiration.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Three facts about me

-I love to run!!:)

-I love to do crafts

-I never give up no matter what the circumstance

My gain

-I would like to gain knowledge of different learning and teaching techniques

-I would like to build friendships with more than my current friends

-I would also like to gain the knowledge that I assisted my fellow students to their goal

Three Qualities