Sammy Davis Jr

One Of The World's Best Entertainer

Life Of Sammy Davis Jr

Born in December 8, 1925 Sammy Davis Jr was born into the world of entertaining. Sammy started performing at the age 3, when Sammy grow up he did a show with his had and off the stardom he went.

1950 Sammy went solo, soon after he got married to a sweetish woman and had a baby girl with her and adopted 2 boys.

Sammy got shows in Los Vegas and New York such as mr.wonderful, and Golden boys.

Sammy got in a car crash and shattered his face and destroyed his left eye.

He married another woman, then in 1972 his rain of being famous was slowing down, he worked in the casino game for a while singing his nights away.

The Awards

Sammy Davis became part of the rat pack movies and was in porgy and Bess.

Sammy started to change peoples minds in there business by letting whites and black stood right next to each other, he did this by refusing to perform in a separated crowd.


Sammy was a very good singer and dancer he always wowed the crowed by dancing there blues away and making them smile and laugh.
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Passing life By

Sammy Davis Jr died May 16, 1990 at the age 64 because of cancer Sammy smoked his whole life and it did him bad. Sammy Davis Jr will always be in our hearts and he will always live on, we will never stop thinking about those fun days we had watching him perform on the stage of victory.